'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Heads To Court, Maci Fights With Ryan Over Custody & Farrah Gets Braces!

Tue, September 13, 2011 11:37pm EST by 19 Comments

Instead of the normal hour-long episode of drama, MTV gave us 90 minutes of ‘Teen Mom’ tonight (Sept. 13). And let’s just say, it was intense! Did you watch?

With the season winding down — there’s only ONE episode left — the Teen Moms are making sure they give their fans an overload of all sorts of drama, including run-ins with Child Protective Services, custody battles between families, counseling sessions with parents and heartbreak during high school graduation! What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Amber: Amber relives her painful 24 hour stint in jail and realizes that she never wants to be behind bars again. So instead of falling back into her old ways, Amber breaks up with her new beau Clinton and puts all her focus on being a good mom to Leah. But, she’s still upset that she isn’t legally allowed to be in contact with Gary, who she obviously still cares about. Amber meets up with Gary’s mom to talk about her and Gary’s meeting with Child Protective Services and her future court date. Amber gets emotional thinking about being sent back to jail and Leah being taken away from her.

Amber heads to counseling to talk all her issues through with her psychiatrist, while Gary talks his issuesthrough with his buddy over lunch. “I want to be able to give amber a hug and a kiss, I just want to see her,” Gary gushes about Amber. We feel bad that they’re separated, but hey, they did it to themselves!

Amber is worried about the meeting with CPS — the last thing she wants is to lose full custody of Leah for making stupid mistakes. After the meeting with authorities, Amber finds out that she still has custody of Leah, but that CPS will be checking in on her for the next three months.

And to make matters worse, Leah is sick with strep throat and two ear infections during this whole no contact ordeal! Poor baby!

Catelynn: Catelynn and Tyler get an email from Brandon and Teresa, Carly’s adoptive parents, saying they will try their hardest to make it to their high school graduation, but can’t guarantee anything. Catelynn and Tyler understand, but they still hope Carly will be able to see them get their diplomas. On her last day of school, Catelynn talks with one of her teachers about becoming a teacher and helping young kids! He says she’s strong enough to do anything and would set a wonderful example. We agree!

In a shocking revelation, Tyler tells his friends he could definitely picture himself dating someone other than Catelynn! Whoa, that took us for a loop, but we know he was just being a typical boy and that he truly loves Catelynn. (Or at least we hope so).

Tyler tells his mom that he adores Catelynn, but that her insecurities are bothering him. “It’s very very unappealing, I’m going to stick by her though,” he tells his mom. “She’s a girl. I don’t understand what goes on it their heads.”

Meanwhile, Catelynn drops a BIG surprise on Tyler — she planned a private ski lesson for them and booked a hotel room for the night! We have to say, it was funny to see the two of them skiing in jeans and attempting not to make fools of themselves on the slopes. But it was really sweet to see them enjoying their stay in a bed and breakfast. We hope these two work things out!

Maci: Maci’s friend Ashton tells her that Ryan was out partying over the weekend — the same weekend he was supposed to be watching Bentley. Maci is so pissed that she would let Bentley stay with Ryan, especially when he’s going out instead of spending time with his son. And then, to make matters worse, the next time Bentley is at Ryan’s house, Ryan’s friend Tyler tells his parents that they’re are going out partying and leaving Bentley at home with them…again!

Meanwhile, Maci is back on track with school and will finish her college classes next summer. Her mom, and boyfriend Kyle, are so happy she’s doing well! Well, she’s doing well except for Ryan’s daddy drama, which has everyone angry!To get down to the bottom of it, Maci asks Bentley who takes care of him, and he says “Mimi!” Maci is even more pissed that Ryan’s mom is doing everything while Ryan goes out — we would be too!

When Ryan comes to pick Bentley up for his next visit, Maci goes bizerk! “I don’t feel like you’re taking the responsibility your supposed to have,” Maci tells Ryan. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, people just tell you stuff,” Ryan replies, before calling her a a b*tch. Wow, these two have some MAJOR issues — they should never fight like that directly in front of Bentley! But who do you think is right in this situation, Maci or Ryan?

To get Maci’s mind off things, Kyle takes her out on a romantic dinner date! And Maci even brings up marriage — she said she would walk to the chapel and tie the knot right then and there! But Kyle is worried, especially about being linked to Ryan for the rest of his life. Can you blame him?

Farrah: Farrah is really looking forward to moving to Florida with Sophia, but her parents, especially her mom, still aren’t keen on the idea. They don’t want to be so far away from Sophia! In bigger news, Farrah is getting BRACES! She dropped the bombshell on her parents during her dad Michael’s birthday. They are a little taken aback, but can understand why Farrah’s doing it — for her modeling career!

At Michael’s birthday dinner, Farrah tells her parents she made an appointment for EVERYONE to go to family counseling.  “I hope through this family counseling, we will know how to communicate,” Farrah tells her parents. “I think it will be good, I don’t want anymore outbursts,” her moms replies. Yeah, neither do we!

Farrah gets into her dream school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so she’s officially moving! But of course, to make the situation even more dramatic, she brings it up in counseling and her parents tell the therapist that Sophia should not go with Farrah, but stay back with them. Her mom is concerned that Sophia’s developmental years will be hindered by Farrah’s move, but the counselor says that ultimately it’s Farrah’s decision if she wants to take Sophia or not. It’s obvious that the family is really emotional about Farrah leaving, and to be honest, we do feel for her parents. They want to be with Sophia and now she’s going to be miles away from them in Florida with Farrah, who will have no family around to help her.

But then, in a shocking twist, Farrah starts to contemplate going to Florida WITHOUT Sophia! Is that the right thing to do?

Before the big move down south, Farrah goes to get her braces on. What do you think about them?

Share your thoughts on all of the drama on tonight’s episode! Who’s story was the craziest?

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 9:15 AM on January 10, 2012  

i feel really sorry for these girls they are being judged by people that have no rights to and sometimes have no clue how hard looking after a child is. you dont just have to think about what your child wants but what they need and how you can fulfil there needs and wants effectively. i ask questions to my 4 yr old about school and when she spends time with my parents talking to your child is the best think as if anything does happen hopefully ur child would then tell you. i dont say im perfect but i also dont sit and judge either. i watch this program for light entertainment and to see that raising children is hard if you a teen mom or a older mom. if you dont like them dont watch simple would u like to be judged and picked at the way u just picked at there lives i dont think so.

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Posted at 1:42 AM on September 21, 2011  

As far as Maci and Ryan goes, Ryan still loves Maci. You heard of the saying,…. “You never miss a good thing til it’s gone…” And for Gary and Amber they are children raising a child. from what I see Gary does a lot of childish things towards Amber, but Amber’s anger issues gets the best of her which she should take anger management classed for. Farrah really needs to get away from her overbearing mother. Her mother will never see her as an adult. I also feel her mom is just trying to fill that void with sophia cause farrah is grown all up. Basicly her mom wants her child. Do you actually believe she’s going to get that child back when Farrah returns to get her? I don’t think so.

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Posted at 10:46 AM on September 14, 2011  

I think Maci is causing the drama with Ryan because she wants him. She does the unthinkable by asking Bentley who feeds him, who plays with him, who bathes him etc. The answer is “Mimi” so she’s using the child as a bargaining tool. Checking up on Ryan’s activities is stalking. Having a screamfest with Ryan with Bentley in the backseat is a travesty. She’s very confused.

Farrah’s mother really bothers me – not that Farrah is a gem by any means. The mother wants the Bay-bee period. And she makes passive agressive comments to Farrah (example: Braces make you face puff out and will make you self-concious” What Mother says that? I think Michael should get out of that house and so should Farrah and Sophia.

Catelynn’s clinginess is really pathetic. She spends several hundred dollars on private ski lessons and a stay at a B&B fooling herself into thinking she is doing a good thing for Tyler – actually she’s buying him. Does he get MTV Money? Do not think so. Sooooo the MTV money keeps them together and her manipulation. Also, she piles on the guilt. She really needs to lose the extra 50-75 lbs. and quit using the “having a baby” excuse to make Tyler feel guilty.

Nothing to say about Amber or Gary – just losers. Neither work. He blows &5,000.00 on strippers and drinks yet has to take Leah to Emergency room to see a doctor which is free. Leaches.

All in all, the show is a totally unrealistic view of the lives of the vast majority of teen moms – MTV checks don’t go out to every teen mom is USA but welfare, food stamps, housing vouchers, and medicaid do pay——–MTV paying these 4 girls is only enabling them to live unrealistically.

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Posted at 1:41 PM on September 14, 2011  

Just wondering.. since when is going to the ER free? I wish I wouldn’t have paid that $4000 bill then!! It’s only free if you have Medi-caid or something like that, but that is for all medical care not just an ER visit.

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Posted at 4:00 PM on September 14, 2011  

As Mandy said below, free ER visits I wish. It’s only free with state insurance. Or if your military and go to the ER on base. As far as what you said about Catelynn, are you kidding me. So she took her boyfriend on a vacation. If I could go on a mini vacation with my husband I so would. I’m going to guess you don’t have kids. Losing baby weight is a very hard thing to do for some woman. Even harder probably for her because she doesn’t have her baby. Yes she decided, very smart, to put her baby up for adoption. That might make it even harder to lose the weight because she doesn’t have her baby with her. With Farrah, both her parents need to wake up. Her mother is is as big a brat as she is. She talks down to her daughter. But at the same time Farrah doesn’t respect her parents at all. I mean hello she calls her dad by his first name. With Maci, yes it’s so wrong of her to ask the child who takes care of him. But it was her friend that called her to tell her what Ryan was doing and what he was up to. But at the same time Ryan is wrong because he complained about getting extra time with his son, but yet he goes out. And what 2 yr old is up still at 1opm, wtf.

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Posted at 4:21 PM on September 14, 2011  

Your sense of reality is diluted. You are about as clueless to life and how it works as Farrah is.

It’s unthinkable to ask your child who takes care of them when they are in the care of others? You obviously do not have kids and therefore should not speak about topics as such.

Your comment on the way Farrah’s mom speaks but completely dismiss the blatantly rude and disrespectful way Farrah talks to EVERYONE in her family??? I can see you maturity level is adolescent at best if you condone a child (yes I called her a child) speaking to their parent that way.

Catelynn is buying Tyler??? her clinginess is pathetic!?!?!? She has the same hang ups every teenage girl has, and if you say you never (or it’s probably more like present tense) had insecurities, you are full of s#!t.

And since when are emergency visits free!?!?!? Those trips are some of the most expensive trips to take unless you are in the military…were you trying to be funny with that remark?!?!?!?

Sounds to me like you are just bitter you didn’t make it to the final cut of the show yourself!

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Posted at 5:42 PM on September 14, 2011  

Farrah- I feel her decision may have been right for HER. I have a 9 month old daughter, and me and my husband are raising her together and at times it’s a bit much. But when you have a child(ren) you have to suck it up and keep it moving. I feel like Farrah started thinking about how much easier her life in Florida would be without Sophia. But her mom actually made a point. These are Sophia’s developmental milestones and she needs a teacher not only in daycare but at home too. And you can’t trust everyone with your child(ren).

Amber- I don’t know what’s going on in her OR Gary’s head. They want to be apart then they want to be together. They are totally confusing poor Leah. Amber loves to be around Leah when she’s calm and collected. But as soon as Leah acts her age, then it’s yelling and bye bye Leah.

Catelynn- Catelynn has some points on her recent conversations with Tyler but not all of it I agree with. Catelynn keeps complaining that she doesn’t like her “look” but all she does is eat slices of pizza and I don’t know if she’s still working or not. But she needs to do something instead of complaining all the time about being insecure. Tyler seems pretty faithful, understanding, and honest. She don’t want to run him away with complaining all the time and being overly insecure. Hey, it’s normal to be insecure as a teen, hell an adult. Especially, when you have had a child. But, if you have the tools (Ex: a counselor) use it!

Maci: Now Maci had all the right to ask Bentley who takes care of him when he’s in Ryan’s care. I just shook my head continuously!! That’s a shame. And Bentley is SOOOO smart for his age! But I do think Maci still has “love” for Ryan and I think the feels are mutual. No whether they’ll admit it or not that I don’t know but. . . and PLEASE don’t let Ryan get custody of Bentley *crosses fingers* smh

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Posted at 6:07 AM on September 15, 2011  

Maci is causing drama with Ryan because she wants him? Seriously? Checking up on your ex and his time he spends (or her) spends with the child is NOT stalking. You’ve got to understand his family has their hooks in Bentley and is allowing Ryan to act like a teenage “player” while Maci is a slut for having a boyfriend. Furthermore, the dude wants to sue her for custody. I don’t blame her for looking at every little thing he does. I’ll find is hysterical when the grandparents try to say Grandparent rights!! She can’t move away!! When all that means is she’s OBLIGATED to let them see her but NOT pay and they’d have to make arrangements.

Farrah is a typical spoiled cheerleader. It’s almost sad how stereotypical I sound, but it’s what the Girl IS. Her Mom is controlling and abusive- and has shown it physically and emotionally as well as mentally. While you guys are critical of her admitting she can’t handle Sophia remember this: She’s a freaking teen who was never prepared for the real world, regardless of the fact she didn’t keep her legs closed. The father was killed so no support there, and her Mother tried to force her to do parenting her way. Couple that with the fact the poor girl attempted to move but was sucked back into this family circus through therapists you have a big mess on your hands. Farrah should take Sophia with her and take parenting classes and attempt to get a Mother’s helper with some of that money.

Catelynn’s clinginess is pathetic. You sound like a complete douche for that comment, I’ll go ahead and not comment on that. As for her buying Tyler with gifts- the girl gave up her baby- she’s Sad you moron, not pathetic. Her weight? Seriously? I”m going to guess you, the person commenting on here, is fat yourself. I give it a 98% chance.

As far as Amber and Gary- they are trash but don’t hold it against them, it’s how they are. How they were raised. I have some fantastic insurance, by the way, and MY co-pay for the ER is 200 in network. I’m going to guess you are all of 16 though. Also, the correct spelling is “Leeches.”

The show IS a realistic view of teenage parents- they just are getting paid money. Not all teenage parents are on Food stamps or Welfare. Each Mom has her own set of issues that is unique to the teen set. Real feelings and real issues. I don’t find it unrealistic at all.

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Posted at 3:34 PM on September 15, 2011  

You need to check yourself. If you believe that you are responding to a sixteen year old, you need to use better judgement yourself on your responses. BTW how old are you and why are you fighting with teens over their thoughts?

Please feel free to correct any of my comments. I believe you have the need to feel important.

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Posted at 3:13 PM on September 17, 2011  


I don’t care what you have to say, I stated my own opinions and will continue to do so. It’s why this is such a great Country.

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Posted at 7:00 AM on September 14, 2011  

There is nothing wrong with Farrah saying she can’t handle her kid 24/7. That actually shows good insight on herself, and that she recognizes her limitations. Maybe if Andrea Yates had said something similar and someone had listened to her, all of her kids would still be alive. But we all know how that story ended…

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Posted at 1:37 PM on September 14, 2011  

These people shouldn’t have kids then. A child is a 24/7 resposibility!!

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Posted at 1:38 PM on September 14, 2011  


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Posted at 4:21 PM on September 24, 2011  

Farrah is spoiled and her parents are not making it any better by allowing her to put her needs in front of Sophia. I am probably the same age as her mom and while I agree that Farrah needs to have time to get herself together and straight, she can do it where she is living now and not in Florida. This is not a party this is real life and there are many young women in her position who struggle without the help of parents enabling her selfish needs and wants. I have a son with Autism and my job is 24/7 with the help of my ex husband and there are no breaks when you are a parent and it is double if not more when you have a son or child with needs. Life is not always fair and not always what we expected but when you as a young person make the choice to have unprotected sex and a child results it is not about your needs and wants, it is about what you need to do for your child.

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Posted at 2:40 AM on September 14, 2011  

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Posted at 1:09 AM on September 14, 2011  

Farrah is like a Kate Gosselin in training!

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Posted at 12:09 AM on September 14, 2011  

In the previews Farrah said she can’t handle her own kid 24/7. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of mother says that. I have 2 kids and will be having my third in like 2 weeks and I would never say that. I’ve had to take care of my kids alone many times before being a military wife. Farrah is proving more and more she is a spoiled brat who should have kept her legs closed.

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Posted at 1:43 PM on September 14, 2011  

Not all women can be great mothers. Unfortunately you don’t find that out until after they already have a child and then the child has to suffer. :(

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Posted at 1:33 AM on September 21, 2011  

Farrah’s mom is constantly pushing in her head what’s best for Sophia that farrah is starting to believe that she isn’t a good mom. Farrah’s mom is overbearing even though she means well but she needs to understand that Sophia is farrah’s child not hers because her daughter had it. Farrah gives her mother too much control over her life. Her mom let’s Farrah make a few decisions to make her think she’s in control of her own life when in fact her mom will constantly push push to get her way until Farrah agrees to whatever she says

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