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'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Heads To Court, Maci Fights With Ryan Over Custody & Farrah Gets Braces!

Tue, September 13, 2011 11:37pm EDT by 19 Comments

Instead of the normal hour-long episode of drama, MTV gave us 90 minutes of ‘Teen Mom’ tonight (Sept. 13). And let’s just say, it was intense! Did you watch?

With the season winding down — there’s only ONE episode left — the Teen Moms are making sure they give their fans an overload of all sorts of drama, including run-ins with Child Protective Services, custody battles between families, counseling sessions with parents and heartbreak during high school graduation! What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Amber: Amber relives her painful 24 hour stint in jail and realizes that she never wants to be behind bars again. So instead of falling back into her old ways, Amber breaks up with her new beau Clinton and puts all her focus on being a good mom to Leah. But, she’s still upset that she isn’t legally allowed to be in contact with Gary, who she obviously still cares about. Amber meets up with Gary’s mom to talk about her and Gary’s meeting with Child Protective Services and her future court date. Amber gets emotional thinking about being sent back to jail and Leah being taken away from her.

Amber heads to counseling to talk all her issues through with her psychiatrist, while Gary talks his issuesthrough with his buddy over lunch. “I want to be able to give amber a hug and a kiss, I just want to see her,” Gary gushes about Amber. We feel bad that they’re separated, but hey, they did it to themselves!

Amber is worried about the meeting with CPS — the last thing she wants is to lose full custody of Leah for making stupid mistakes. After the meeting with authorities, Amber finds out that she still has custody of Leah, but that CPS will be checking in on her for the next three months.

And to make matters worse, Leah is sick with strep throat and two ear infections during this whole no contact ordeal! Poor baby!

Catelynn: Catelynn and Tyler get an email from Brandon and Teresa, Carly’s adoptive parents, saying they will try their hardest to make it to their high school graduation, but can’t guarantee anything. Catelynn and Tyler understand, but they still hope Carly will be able to see them get their diplomas. On her last day of school, Catelynn talks with one of her teachers about becoming a teacher and helping young kids! He says she’s strong enough to do anything and would set a wonderful example. We agree!

In a shocking revelation, Tyler tells his friends he could definitely picture himself dating someone other than Catelynn! Whoa, that took us for a loop, but we know he was just being a typical boy and that he truly loves Catelynn. (Or at least we hope so).

Tyler tells his mom that he adores Catelynn, but that her insecurities are bothering him. “It’s very very unappealing, I’m going to stick by her though,” he tells his mom. “She’s a girl. I don’t understand what goes on it their heads.”

Meanwhile, Catelynn drops a BIG surprise on Tyler — she planned a private ski lesson for them and booked a hotel room for the night! We have to say, it was funny to see the two of them skiing in jeans and attempting not to make fools of themselves on the slopes. But it was really sweet to see them enjoying their stay in a bed and breakfast. We hope these two work things out!

Maci: Maci’s friend Ashton tells her that Ryan was out partying over the weekend — the same weekend he was supposed to be watching Bentley. Maci is so pissed that she would let Bentley stay with Ryan, especially when he’s going out instead of spending time with his son. And then, to make matters worse, the next time Bentley is at Ryan’s house, Ryan’s friend Tyler tells his parents that they’re are going out partying and leaving Bentley at home with them…again!

Meanwhile, Maci is back on track with school and will finish her college classes next summer. Her mom, and boyfriend Kyle, are so happy she’s doing well! Well, she’s doing well except for Ryan’s daddy drama, which has everyone angry!To get down to the bottom of it, Maci asks Bentley who takes care of him, and he says “Mimi!” Maci is even more pissed that Ryan’s mom is doing everything while Ryan goes out — we would be too!

When Ryan comes to pick Bentley up for his next visit, Maci goes bizerk! “I don’t feel like you’re taking the responsibility your supposed to have,” Maci tells Ryan. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, people just tell you stuff,” Ryan replies, before calling her a a b*tch. Wow, these two have some MAJOR issues — they should never fight like that directly in front of Bentley! But who do you think is right in this situation, Maci or Ryan?

To get Maci’s mind off things, Kyle takes her out on a romantic dinner date! And Maci even brings up marriage — she said she would walk to the chapel and tie the knot right then and there! But Kyle is worried, especially about being linked to Ryan for the rest of his life. Can you blame him?

Farrah: Farrah is really looking forward to moving to Florida with Sophia, but her parents, especially her mom, still aren’t keen on the idea. They don’t want to be so far away from Sophia! In bigger news, Farrah is getting BRACES! She dropped the bombshell on her parents during her dad Michael’s birthday. They are a little taken aback, but can understand why Farrah’s doing it — for her modeling career!

At Michael’s birthday dinner, Farrah tells her parents she made an appointment for EVERYONE to go to family counseling.  “I hope through this family counseling, we will know how to communicate,” Farrah tells her parents. “I think it will be good, I don’t want anymore outbursts,” her moms replies. Yeah, neither do we!

Farrah gets into her dream school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so she’s officially moving! But of course, to make the situation even more dramatic, she brings it up in counseling and her parents tell the therapist that Sophia should not go with Farrah, but stay back with them. Her mom is concerned that Sophia’s developmental years will be hindered by Farrah’s move, but the counselor says that ultimately it’s Farrah’s decision if she wants to take Sophia or not. It’s obvious that the family is really emotional about Farrah leaving, and to be honest, we do feel for her parents. They want to be with Sophia and now she’s going to be miles away from them in Florida with Farrah, who will have no family around to help her.

But then, in a shocking twist, Farrah starts to contemplate going to Florida WITHOUT Sophia! Is that the right thing to do?

Before the big move down south, Farrah goes to get her braces on. What do you think about them?

Share your thoughts on all of the drama on tonight’s episode! Who’s story was the craziest?

–Leigh Blickley

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