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'Kate Plus 8' Finale: Kate Gosselin Says 'I Don't Hate Jon Because The Man I Once Knew Doesn't Exist'!

Tue, September 13, 2011 1:14am EDT by Chloe Melas 12 Comments

The last ever ‘Kate Plus 8’ episode aired Sept. 12 and a teary Kate remembered her old life with Jon and said she and the kids will be back on TV one day!

The one thing that will be definitely missed are the adorable eight Gosselettes! The 150th episode of TLC’s Kate Plus 8 came and went and now we’re left to wonder what’s next for this mom-of-eight.

The hour-long episode was definitely emotional for Kate and the viewers at home. The finale showed us clips from day one of their show, to their move into their Reading, PA., home and Jon and Kate’s vow renewals in Hawaii.

Although Kate made it clear she wants to stay in the TV industry, she made it known again that she’s unemployed and is worried about providing for her kids. She said that Jon was “always looking for a way out” of the show, and she’s definitely right.

One part of the special was a birthday party for the sextuplets right in the middle of Jon and Kate’s marriage falling a part. Kate said the bickering with Jon “sucked the joy out of that day.”

“We had two completely separate views on life and child raising,” Kate said. “We had our struggles. Every marriage does, i’ve picked it a part. It just had to be, people change. I was still on the path that we had both agreed on. I think I found myself there alone one day.”

Then why did they decide to get remarried with their children in Hawaii?

“It was a subconscious last straw to try and save the marriage.”

But Kate adds: “I think back to the past with no malice and no hate … it’s because that person doesn’t exist anymore. I just remember the good. Those times and things are preserved in my memory.”

Kate surprisingly even said something nice about her marriage with Jon. Shocking, since she bashes him on national morning shows constantly.

“We did make a good team at that time,” she said. “Jon was there willing to change diapers, take care of kids and anything else I asked him to do.”

What’s next for Kate and the kids?

“This is not goodbye this is I’ll see you around … I don’t know what’s next … I hope a job.”

We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Kate.

— Chloe Melas

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