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Kirstin Says: Joe Jonas, Stop Leeching Off Taylor Swift!

Tue, September 13, 2011 7:58pm EDT by 35 Comments

Now that Joe Jonas has an album coming out, he’s tapping into as much media exposure as he can, especially when it comes to his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s success!

Joe Jonas wasn’t exactly Taylor Swift‘s knight in shining armor when they dated. After leading her on and talking about a long-term future, the middle Jo Bro fell for another girl — Camilla Belle — and promptly dumped Taylor…over the phone. Now, nearly three years later Joe is kissing Taylor’s butt — going to her concerts and imitating her in his new music video — and I think it’s all for media exposure. Stop leeching, Joe!

With more than 20 million albums sold, Taylor, 21, has become more successful than anyone could have ever predicted years ago when she first started. It seems like many of her male admirers have realized this and want to capitalize on her success themselves…especially Joe.

First, he very publicly showed up at her Los Angeles concert right after the VMAs. Then, he traveled to her concert in San Jose a few days later!

For me, the icing on the cake was when Joe’s “Just In Love” music video premiered yesterday. I think the video is practically flawless, but find it odd he uses a blond girl who looks eerily like Taylor. Everything from her fashion sense to the way she wrote on her arm, screams, TAYLOR SWIFT.

Either Joe is trying to win Taylor back, or he knows all of this will get him attention — and judging from his less-than-stellar track record with girls, it’s the latter.

Joe, just trust in your own talent. Your album will sell just fine. Stop trying to tap into Taylor’s success — especially after the way you treated her.

Do YOU think Joe is genuinely trying to be friends with Taylor again, or is he just using her for attention?

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