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Vanessa Hudgens Tells YOU About The Wild Way Her Hair Was Cut & Why It Now Takes Longer To Style!

Fri, September 9, 2011 10:00am EDT by 4 Comments

Vanessa is so dedicated to her work! For her role in the upcoming film, ‘Gimme Shelter,’ she actually cut her own hair in the wild, frantic way her character would have.

Vanessa Hudgens was patiently waiting for her hair to be cut by a hairstylist, but that just didn’t feel right. “In the movie, my character starts off by chopping all her hair off. For females, it’s a very big thing to chop all your hair off and [in the film] it’s done in a rage of fury, so it needed to be very choppy and not intentional,” explains Vanessa.

Vanessa took matters into her own hands!

“So I grabbed the scissor and started going for it and it was actually amazing, so liberating! And then my director is like, ‘You know what, we’re almost there. Do you mind if I get in there?’ And I’m like, fine whatever, I’m cutting my hair I guess why can’t you cut my hair?”

Is anyone else nervous about this?

“And he grabs a massive chunk off the top of my head and he’s like, ‘Is this ok?’ and I said, ‘Cut three inches above where you are.’ He then just went for it and I have these short little pieces on the top of my head thanks to my director.”

Luckily, her hair is growing out very nicely!

“It’s found its way, but it definitely takes a while. It takes longer to do now than when I have long hair! I have to actually do it everyday. I can’t just shower, put product in it and leave.”

Do you have a hair horror story? Share it below!

–Eden Univer

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