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Katie Holmes, Take Control Of Suri & Tone Down Her Over-The-Top Look! She's Only 5!

Fri, September 9, 2011 5:11pm EDT by 20 Comments
Posted Fri, September 9, 2011 5:11pm EDT

Of course little girls love to dress up and wear makeup, but Suri looks like she’s dressed in a costume! She’s REALLY taking Fashion Week seriously.

Suri may be the most well-known mini fashionista in Hollywood, but this look is just WAY too much. From the dark red lipstick, to the hat to the purple purse to the pink scarf to leopard print toy, Suri is taking over-the-top to a new level. All she’s missing is six inch heels. Katie Holmes, stop letting Suri dress herself and take control!

“I do not dress her. She dresses herself!” Katie, 32, told the August issue of InStyle magazine. “Obviously, I buy her clothes, but she is the one who puts her outfits together. In fact, she helps me. If she likes something of mine, I know it’s good.”

Katie, she’s a five-year-old girl, she SHOULDN’T be dressing you…or herself.

It’s different when a little girl throws on a t-shirt and shorts or a dress, but Suri throws on everything from makeup to heels to Dolce & Gabbana purses over her arm.

And we know where she gets her makeup — she went on a $1,300 shopping spree at Sephora earlier this year! And Suri doesn’t shop cheap — her favorite products include items from Laura Mercier and Smashbox, as well as Tarina Tarantino lip glosses and Bliss’ Lemon + Sage Body Butter.

I don’t know about you HollyMoms, but this all is just a little too much. A five-year-old doesn’t need to wear all this stuff, whether it’s on her face or her body! Do you agree?

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