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Are You Allowed To Have An Opinion On Your Ex's New GF Like Scarlett Johansson Does About Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock?

Thu, September 8, 2011 12:11pm EDT by 1 Comment

ScarJo reportedly has definitive thoughts about ex-husband Ryan moving on — but does her opinion matter given that she gave up on her marriage?

Scarlett Johnansson wasn’t happy in her marriage to studly Ryan Reynolds and called it quits, taking up with Sean Penn soon after (they’ve since split). So now that he — at last — is finally moving on, is she allowed to have an opinion about his alleged new woman, Sandra Bullock? Does he need her seal of approval?

Well, no, but allegedly he’s got it. A source tells Star that the husky-voiced bombshell is totally supportive of her ex’s new relationship.

“Since Scarlett likes and respects [Sandra Bullock] so much, it doesn’t bother her that she’s with [Ryan Reynolds] now,” a source tells the magazine, adding that Scarlett has finally given up hopes of putting her marriage back together.

ScarJo, who seems to have a thing for older men, reportedly knew she and The Green Lantern star weren’t meant to last forever. “She knows how much [Ryan] wants to be a dad, and that while Sandra loves her career, she treasures motherhood more.”

Here’s the thing: while it’s nice that Scarlett likes Sandra so much, it doesn’t matter one iota. She gave up on her marriage and moved on almost immediately. She has no say at all about whom he gets involved with.

Sure, as the ex-girlfriend, you’re always going to have thoughts on your ex’s new squeeze — even if it’s you that’s done the dumping — but those opinions don’t matter. Once a relationship is over, neither you nor your ex have any prior claim on the other. You can’t choose who the other dates and you certainly can’t tell one another if you don’t approve of their new choice: you and he are over.

Ryan doesn’t need Scarlett’s blessing, and neither will your ex when he moves on, so don’t go trying to sell your acceptance when it’s completely unnecessary.


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