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Taylor Swift Getting Back Together With Joe Jonas Or Taylor Lautner? How She'll Make It Work The Second Time Around!

Wed, September 7, 2011 6:33pm EDT by 22 Comments

Relationship experts share advice with exclusively advising that Taylor shouldn’t get intimate with either Joe or Taylor until she decides who she wants to be with and they must address their problems from the past!

Taylor Swift seems to have two boys fighting for her attention. Both of her exes Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner appear to be trying to win Taylor back, but the question is which man will she choose? If she does get back together with one of them, Taylor‘s going to have to really focus on making the relationship work. Relationship experts share with what they think Taylor needs to do to make it last with either Joe or Taylor the second time around!

First Taylor must figure out what she wants out of a relationship. “Before getting back with either of her exes, she needs to be honest with herself about what she’s looking for — arm candy or true love — and what she’s willing to give to the relationship,” shares Carole Lieberman, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets.

Once Taylor figures out which guy she she wants to be with, she then has to address what made them break up in the first place. “Whatever caused them to break up, it has to be spoken about and worked through,” advises Rhonda Findling, psychotherapist and author of The Commitment Cure: What to Do When You Fall for an Ambivalent Man. “They should try resolve it and express feelings.”

Taylor also needs to try to focus on her man more as a person than as someone she can show off. “She needs to be more attentive to them as people,” explains Cooper Lawrence, from the Scott & Todd Show on WPLJ. “She must focus on the relationship and not the business side of them.”

“The first three months should be no expectations whatsoever — it should just be fun and easy,” continues Cooper. “Take it slow, don’t make any major decisions or sudden moves.”

And Taylor also must wait to decide who she wants to be with for the long run before she gets intimate with either Joe or Taylor. “She should wait until she knows who she wants to have an exclusive relationship with because it may be too confusing with both,” notes Rhonda.

“The most important three things she must focus on when getting back together are honesty, communication and figuring out if they want the same things in relationships,” Cooper adds.

BFFs — what should Taylor do to make it work the second time around with either Joe or Taylor? Share your love tips below!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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