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'The Lying Game' Recap: Emma & Sutton Both Dream About A Fire! What Do You Think It's All About?

Tue, September 6, 2011 12:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Plus, Laurel earns major cool points with Emma — and with me! Do you like the way her character is progressing?

On the Sept. 5 episode of ABC Family’s The Lying Game, Sutton and Emma (Alexandra Chando) discovered they share more than just the same pretty face; they also have the same recurring dream. And this lead Sutton to another interesting discovery, as she tracked down the house where Emma lived with her mom!

Laurel, in an act of sisterly kindness, took the blame for Sutton’s stolen computer, meaning all charges against Ethan (Blair Redford) been dropped! She also went out with Justin, much to Char’s annoyance.

Meanwhile, Nisha tried to sabotage Mads’ relationship with her ballet instructor, Eduardo — and, as always, the dads got creepier and the moms remained clueless!

I’m beginning to suspect that both Sutton and Emma were in the fire they’ve been dreaming about. Maybe I’m just skeptical, but I sort of doubt they’re having “twintuition.” And hey, maybe the “big mistake” Mr. Mercer and Mr. Rybak keep talking about is that they were somehow involved in the fire!

Also, Laurel is really growing on me! I used to find her bratty, and the most unbearable character on the show, but now she almost seems sweet. I loved how she got Ethan out of trouble and reciprocated Emma on the boy-front. She needs to be living her own life, not constantly overshadowed by her sister. (Where are her own sophomore friends, by the way?) Hopefully as the season progresses she’ll meet some new, nicer girls.

I loved the scene when Sutton found the name of their mom written on the wall of the dilapidated house. It was actually pretty powerful, and the starry scenery was pretty and whimsical. I’m still confused as to why Sutton is hiding Thayer from Emma, though. It seems sneaky and untrustworthy to keep him out of the videochats. Sutton seems to be hiding many secrets with him, even though she accuses practically everyone else on the show of being too covert.

Mads needs to realize that Eduardo’s actions are honorable. For legal reasons, he really can’t be with her, so she shouldn’t keep throwing herself at him. If he was into her, that would just make his character creepy and wrong. He’s almost too good for her.

Also, Nisha is really bugging me. We all know she’s going to use those photos of Eduardo and Mads to sabotage both their lives in the future. On the other hand, if she was dumped very harshly by Sutton maybe she has reason to be so catty. I wish we got more about her side of the story.

And as I mentioned earlier, the dads are getting weirder by the second. The napkin scenario really made me fear for Emma’s life — and Sutton’s motives. Maybe Sutton already knows what the dads are always discussing and part of her journey to LA was to get away from them.

What do you think?

— Flora Collins