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'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci Has A Breakdown, Catelynn Tells Tyler It's Over & Amber Gets Arrested For Abusing Gary!

Tue, September 6, 2011 11:23pm EDT by 7 Comments

On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom,’ Amber spends the night in jail, Catelynn struggles with weight insecurities, Farrah jets off to Florida to look for apartments and Maci gets long blonde hair extensions! Did YOU watch?

As usual, all four of the Teen Moms struggle to deal with their own personal problems on the Sept. 6 episode, which range from no contact orders to custody battles and relationship issues. Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell never leave their fans without some drama — and of course, lots and lots of tears. What did you think of tonight’s episode?


Tonight’s episode starts off with the news that Amber was arrested and charged with domestic battery for beating up Gary on the show last season. She is placed in jail and issued a no contact order, which prohibits her and Gary from having any contact. Gary is heartbroken and scared thinking about what may happen to Amber, who he has started to fall in love with again.

After her release from jail, Amber’s mom Tonya picks her up and then gets Leah from Gary’s house so that Amber can see the baby. When Tonya drops Leah off, Amber tells her that she really appreciates everything she’s done for her, but that she desperately needs more help. “I need the motherly support…I want to break this cycle of dramatic things that are happening,” she tells her mom. “I want you back in my life mom!” Will Tonya step up and help out? We’ll see!

lets her mom know that she wants to go to school in Florida and take Sophia with her, but her mom wants the baby to stay with her. Of course, Farrah breaks down and tells her mom that she needs to stop suffocating her and let her be happy. And Faraah lets her dad Michael know how she feels too!

On another note, Farrah gets rid of her new puppy Candy and gives the dog to her neighbor Jean. But surprisingly, she’s not really upset — she’s actually kind of happy! We saw this coming…

She jets off to Florida with Sophia and thankfully leaves her parents behind — we don’t need to witness another mental breakdown from selfish Farrah. Once in Florida, Farrah drops off her application at a school she wants to attend before meeting with a realtor to look at apartments. And she actually likes the places she sees!


Kyle gets in a dirt bike accident and shatters his knee! He gets surgery, which makes Maci realize that she now has to take care of not only Bentley and her school work, but K yle for the next FOUR WEEKS. She’s not thrilled.

After she picks Kyle up from the hospital and brings him home, Maci automatically becomes stressed. Bentley throws multiple tantrums while she’s trying to care for Kyle and finish a paper that’s due at 10pm! Maci is so overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to physically do everything. We feel bad for her! 

On Kyle’s birthday, Ryan picks Bentley up for a visit while Maci goes to class. At dinner, Ryan’s parents ask him if he talked to Maci about legalizing their custody deal, but he admits he hasn’t nor does he think it’s necessary. Once again, it appears that the Edwards are trying to stir up drama that’s not even there!

Maci meets with her college counselor and talks to him about everything. He lets her know that this semester at school is make it or break it and that she needs to focus on getting her degree not only for herself, but for Bentley.

Then to surprise her birthday beau Kyle, Maci heads to the salon and gets long blonde hair extensions! She’s turning over a new leaf…

is trying to finish high school, while Tyler starts community college. But although they’re both in school, Tyler has much more free time and is spending more time with their friends. Tyler tells a distraught Catelynn that  he is going clubbing and she gets very jealous and says she feels like it isn’t going to work between them “because they’re totally different.” Oh no! They decide counseling will work best to help them figure out their schedules and new lifestyle. We hope they don’t break up — they’re so good together!

On the way to see their counselor, Catelynn gets emotional again when Tyler tells her that she overeacts sometimes when he tries to talk to her. She tells him she’s insecure and just afraid of losing him, which he says will never happen.

Catelynn and Tyler meet with their clinical counselor Kathleen to talk about their relationship. Catelynn opens up about her weight insecurities and her fear of Tyler leaving her, just like the rest of her family. He reassures her that he’s never going to do that and that he loves her no matter what size she is or what she does. It’s not hard to see how much they truly care for each other.

Catelynn decides to go out with everyone and enjoy herself. She and Tyler have a great time at the club and she finally realizes that he only has eyes for her — Aww!

–Leigh Blickley

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