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Bonnie Says: 'RHOBH' Premiere: Kyle & Kim Richards & Adrienne Maloof Completely Freaked Out By Russell Armstrong's Suicide!

Tue, September 6, 2011 12:07pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment

For once these pampered broads weren’t acting. You had to hand it to them– they genuinely were trembling as they gathered — minus Taylor — for a recently filmed post-suicide preview and admitted they felt guilty for NOT foreseeing the tragedy.

I have to hand it to them because I don’t think we often get glimpses into the “real”, unscripted  emotions of the Real Housewife cast members. Yes, lots of heightened-made-for TV drama emotions, but not real, normal human being emotions.

But when Kyle Richards dissolved in tears in the last night, Sept 5ths preview,  I felt she was truly devastated. Not faking or playing up to the cameras.

“There’s plenty of men whose wives leave them and they don’t kill themselves,” she cried. “So you can’t feel responsible.”

When Taylor’s castmates said they hadn’t seen Russell’s suicide coming, I believed them — after all, they didn’t spend a lot of time with Russell. Taylor, his wife, clearly didn’t see it coming either.

And it’s very true, that most men who leave their wives don’t kill themselves. Not that that’s any  real consolation to the guilt-ridden cast members or to Taylor herself.

But then moving on to the re-cut premiere episode — there are very few women who repeatedly go to dinner parties at each other’s houses and routinely insult each other and each other’s mates.

But that’s exactly what happened on the opening episode of the much anticipated return of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This new season already promised plenty of over-the-top drama before the senseless tragedy of Russell‘s death.

The last season ended with Camille Grammar‘s marriage disastrously and publicly flaming out after husband Kelsey blatantly left her for a stewardess, Kayte Walsh, when he moved to NYC to star in the Broadway show — La Cage Aux Folles.

And this season appears to have been focused on the troubles in Taylor Armstrong‘s shaky union and the newly revealed annoyances in Adrienne Maloof‘s marriage to plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, before Russell’s suicide necessitated some major recutting.

Adrienne tells us right at the start of the show that she and Paul like spending time together, but in reality — in small doses. Two hours is a long time to put up with him. Oy! Wouldn’t you love to hear that from your mate on prime time TV.

I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Paul, who follows Adrienne around like a lovelorn puppy all the time. It’s so obvious that he’s MADLY in love with her and find all HER obsessions amusing. While she appears to find his every move, incredibly irritating.

Adrienne decides to have “the girls” over for a dinner party and pulls out all stops, picking her menu with chef Bernie, and setting out the “world’s most expensive champagne.” She announces that she hopes everyone behaves.

But then SHE’S the one who starts bickering with Paul at the dinner table, telling him he’s rude and condescending

But that’s nothing compared to  the fireworks that Lisa Vanderpump‘s husband Ken Todd sets off when he says he’d NEVER go for marriage therapy! “If I had to see a therapist to make my marriage work, I’d feel weak,” he announces.

The problem is that he pronounces this just after Taylor Armstrong has just revealed with her mouth quivering that she and Russell are doing a lot of therapy to try and save their marriage.

So Ken isn’t exactly rating highly in the sensitivity department. Though his wife Lisa defends his behavior, an appalled Camille says she’s envious — she wished Kelsey gave her a chance to save their marriage through therapy.

Despite some support at the dinner table, Taylor and Kyle have to flee to the ladies room to commiserate over how Ken has made her feel even more fragile than she already is.

Then Ken does something even MORE insensitive; he lets his ridiculously pampered dog Giggy drink water out of Adrienne Maloof’s $550 wine glass.

Adrienne looks like she’ll have a heart attack over that, and I don’t blame her.

Of course, why the hell does she have $550 wine glasses anyway — who needs those?!

As usual, the RHOBH dinner parties end badly. No one seems to eat, but everyone gets indigestion and people leave in a huff. This time it’s Lisa who thinks Taylor is “manipulative” and who’s put out that the other ladies think Ken’s therapy comments are offensive.

In other episode news: Lisa’s daughter Pandora has a gorgeous boyfriend of four years called Jason Sabo, who asks her dad, Ken, for permission to marry her!! This is now a new reality show trend — first Kris Humphries does it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and now on RHOBH — watch out young men. Your girlfriends will be expecting you to get daddy’s approval, before you get a proposal. Yikes- one more hurdle to getting married!

Finally, we learn how tough it is to be Camille. She has to unpack her boxes and boxes of Manolos, Louboutins and Jimmy Choo shoes which have been yanked out of her Hamptons, Long Island, home by Kelsey’s new wife, Kayte Walsh, and shipped back to her.

Kelsey and she now only communicate she tells us through an intermediary and about their children. That Kelsey is a cold one.

At least, Camille has a supposed $50 million divorce settlement to console her. No wonder she says she’s starting to like being single.

In the meantime, the preview of the season promises a scary amount of screaming, insults and feuds. Back to business for the RHOBV.

— Bonnie Fuller