Ellen Pompeo Hasn't Been Asked To Renew Her Contract At 'Grey's Anatomy' — WTF?

Tue, September 6, 2011 7:47pm EST by 18 Comments

Ellen Pompeo revealed she hasn’t been invited to participate in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ past season eight! Um, excuse me?

I’ve made my love for Mer/Der pretty clear, particularly when faced with the devastating thought of Patrick Dempsey or Ellen Pompeo leaving Grey’s Anatomy after this season. So imagine my utter confusion and indignancy when I read the following quote from Ellen: “I was invited for eight years… and no one has asked me for a day more.” Does anybody else hear a giant record scratch?

“I know Shonda Rhimes has said the show will continue [beyond that], but I wouldn’t presume that they want to continue with me. You don’t get dressed for the party if you don’t have an invitation.”  Ellen told TV Guide Magazine. Everyone say it with me: SERIOUSLY?! We’re pretty sure she should have a giant VIP invitation from ABC, delivered alongside a pair of scrubs made out of pure gold. (Or something like that, you get my point).

Regardless, Ellen is happy to stay at Grey’s Anatomy, given the right storylines for her character Meredith Grey. “I would love the opportunity to discuss it. I would never turn up my nose at Grey’s. As long as the stories are honest and truthful, and Patrick [Dempsey] and I feel there is material for us to be passionate about, it still beats a 9-to-5 job any day.”

So what if Patrick and Sandra Oh and the rest of the original cast decides to leave once their contracts are done this year? “I have been blessed to work beside Sandra Oh for the past eight years; she’s an incredible talent,” said Ellen, who feels the same way about Patrick and “all the original cast members who aren’t there anymore—T.R. [Knight], Isaiah [Washington], Katie [Heigl]. I didn’t think the show could go on without any of them, yet we found a way to do it. It might be an interesting story for Meredith to have to deal with losing Cristina.”

The actress even revealed she’d stay with the show just for her fans! “If I hear from the fans that they want us to keep going, then I would continue, because we owe them everything.”

Fellow fans … you ready to start campaigning?! Sound off below and let us know how you feel about Ellen not being asked back yet! Do you want her to stay?


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Posted at 10:31 AM on March 18, 2012  

First let me say I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! I can get past no mcdreamy(i wont like it but i can get past it) but what i cant get past is no meridith. Shes the glue that holds all the crazy together. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT WATCH WITHOUT HER!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 5:16 PM on February 16, 2012  

Okay that’s not even funny. You can’t even think about cutting Meredith or Derek. I almost died when each of them did. I frickin live on this show. My life revolves around Meredith’s, because they’re so similar that they’re hard to tell apart. Please please please do not take her from me.

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Posted at 8:14 PM on February 17, 2012  

Omg exactly. She can’t leave, then what would I do with my life? Meredith is such a source of wisdom each week, so relatable and she can stay as long as her heart desires. She is what the whole show revolves around and it wouldn’t be the same at all without her voiceovers

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Posted at 11:02 PM on March 8, 2012  

omg I know right. I’d literally cry for the rest of my life if either one of them left. DON’T THEY KNOW MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. THE SHOW’S CALLED GREY’S FRICKIN ANATOMY. IF MEREDITH LEFT, THE SHOW WOULD BE DEAD.

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Posted at 10:14 PM on January 17, 2012  

They can’t have Grey’s without Grey!! I loooooooooooooove the show with all my heart, but I would probably quit watching if Ellen or Partrick Dempsey leaves or is fired or whatever… PLEASE DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 1:52 PM on November 27, 2011  


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Posted at 2:53 AM on November 26, 2011  

If Grey’s Anatomy pulls a Scrubs it will not survive past the first 9 episodes of season 9, plus I doubt Ellen really going to leave :))

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Posted at 9:21 PM on November 9, 2011  

How can the show continue without Meredith? She has been the base of the show since the beginning… >_>

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Posted at 7:28 PM on November 9, 2011  

Meredith and Derek are not my favorite characters in the show but, I don’t think the show can survive without them. Plus, one of the things I find really funny with this show (even though is a drama series) it’s Cristina’s and Meredith’s weird relationship. I think I’ ll stop watching the show if more of the original cast leaves.

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Posted at 7:59 PM on November 7, 2011  

I think it will be nearly impossible for Grey’s to be able to continue with Ellen. They may try, but it would never be the fan for those who have been fans since day one. That being said – I don’t know how the show would be able to continue with just Ellen and no Patrick. The McDreamy we all know and love would never truly leave Meredith, so I’m not sure that the writers would be able to create any scenario that would appease anyone.

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Posted at 7:33 PM on November 5, 2011  

is Shonda Rhymes going temporarily insane? of course she needs to ask Ellen like yesteryear!

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Posted at 1:33 AM on November 4, 2011  

They should keep the original cast that’s still cause to be honest the show would start to get boring if u just let go of alot of good actors and actress in this show there kinda like part of my family would really hate to see one of them leave and then replaced with someone else point said peace I’m out

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Posted at 3:17 PM on October 20, 2011  

I have watched and rewatched the season from beginning to end. I can not watch it enough. It is called Grey’s Anatomy without Meridith Grey it would just be Anatomy. She is a wonderful actress and I love watching this show. Actually I can’t wait to see what will happen tonight.

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Shim Shyne

Posted at 11:25 AM on October 1, 2011  

Y dont v have the stars v have now. A change is not gud. I luv grey’s anatomy for wat it is now. A change is gonna destroy it..

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Posted at 12:13 AM on September 7, 2011  

um heck yeah she better come back it is called GREYS anatomy for a reason!

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Posted at 10:11 PM on September 6, 2011  

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Posted at 9:39 PM on September 6, 2011  

Umm, anyone that follows these things knows that these contract negotiations only happen during the second half of the season (early 2012) so it’s no surprise that ABC Studios hasn’t offered Ellen or any of the other original cast members a new contract yet. There’s absolutely nothing to freak out about because this is the norm.

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Posted at 9:10 PM on September 6, 2011  

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