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Experts Warn Charlie Sheen's 'Happy Families' Act Could Be Harming His Kids!

Tue, September 6, 2011 5:21pm EDT by 2 Comments

The actor seems to be a new man in recent weeks, moving his ex-wives and their kids into his LA neighborhood — and snubbing a wild party to celebrate his 46th birthday with his two families. But can he keep up the good dad routine?

Experts say NO and warn Charlie Sheen is setting up daughters Sam,7, Lola, 5 and two-year-old twin sons Bob and Max for a psychological “roller coaster” by making them promises he most likely can’t keep!Beverly Hills-based celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman isn’t convinced Charlie has changed at all, after his meltdown earlier this year.

She tells exclusively, “Charlie is still on a hypomanic roller coaster and needs to be in intensive psychotherapy. He is self-obsessed and is only able to think about what will give Charlie pleasure – not what is best for his kids.”

She’s particularly scathing of his decision to attend one birthday party with Denise Richards, Sam and Lola and another with Brooke Mueller, Bob and Max.

“Having two birthday parties is a prime example of this,” Dr. Lieberman adds. “What fun for Charlie. And yes, the kids enjoyed sharing his birthday with him, but what about the other 364 days?”

Her advice for Charlie? Seek help and start being a good dad for real! “Charlie wants to be a good dad,” she adds, “But he is inadvertently dragging his kids – and apparently his exes – along with him on this psychological roller coaster which needs to be stopped by psychotherapy and medication!”

Dr. Susan Abbott, a pediatric psychiatrist based in Manhattan, agrees that there’s no way Charlie has “snapped out” of his “manic” episode without professional help and that his “inconsistent” approach to parenting is harmful.

“Kids often derive a lot of self-esteem for the attention their father pays them,” she explains.

“To have a dad in and out of your life is a roller coaster. It’s really, really rough on kids to be told daddy’s coming and they don’t show up.”

But there is hope for Charlie: “He is someone who needs to be under professional care,” Dr. Abbott notes. “With professional care, he could turn everything around.”

That’s what the experts say, HollyMoms — what do you think? Can Charlie keep it up — or is going to let those kids down again?

–Ian Garland

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