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Beautician Mom Treats Her FOUR-YEAR-OLD Daughter To Spray Tans — She Says It Boosts Her Confidence! What?

Fri, September 2, 2011 9:43am EDT by 3 Comments

No, this is not another stage mom from an episode of ‘Toddler’s and Tiara’s,’ this is just a regular mom-of-four who believes fake tanning actually helps her kids!

Last time I checked, confidence was supposed to come from your beauty within, but it seems that Jools Willis missed that memo! The beautician and mom-of-four has provoked some serious outrage after admitting that she spray tans her children — even her four-year-old daughter!

Jools, of East Sussex, UK, credits spray tanning and other beauty regiments for truly helping her kids’ confidence, saying in reference to her eldest, Darcie 10, “she doesn’t have spray tan for cosmetic reasons. Darcie is a dancer and when she does shows the tan helps her under the stage lights. Beauty treatments help boost a child’s’ confidence.”

Jools four kids, daughter Tate, 4, son Chayce, 6, daughter Darcie and son Zac, 14, have all undergone cosmetic treatments, including being injected with collagen! This is insane!

The delusional mom continues to go on to say of Darcie, “I want her to flourish. I want her to be beautiful, to feel that she’s beautiful, I don’t want her to feel that she’s different from anybody else.” Hey, Jools I have an idea maybe she would feel like a beautiful and normal kid if you stopped making her do such superficial and not normal things — she’s 10 years old!

And Jools thinks allowing Tate to get spray tanned will help her feel included, since she lets Darcie do it. A four-year-old DOES NOT need a tan! Still Tate says, “I like having the same as mommy and Darcie.”

As for the harmful effects of spray tanning such young children, Pediatrician and author of Toddler 411 Ari Brown, MD, tells that the biggest problems can be the effects on their mental health. “One of the most important gifts we can give our children is the concept that they are beautiful just the way they are,” she explains. “Going through life lacking confidence or self-esteem because of how a person looks has lifelong consequences to being a successful adult–both personally and professionally.”

“It is our job as parents to support our kids, not make them feel poorly about themselves,” Dr. Brown adds. “And hopefully, someday, our society will place more emphasis on inner beauty and a variety of natural body shapes, hair, and skin colors–so stories like this never happen.”

Though Jools says she “would be prepared to refuse treatment if she felt a child was too young, but has not yet been asked to do something she feels uncomfortable with,” I probably would be horrified to even GUESS at what she considers going to far. How about you listen to Dr. Brown, Jools, and start showing your kids how beautiful they are NATURALLY!

What do you think of all this, HollyMoms? Share your thoughts!

–Sofia Fuller

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