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Bonnie Says: Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Can Teach Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries How To Make Love Last!

Thu, September 1, 2011 8:39pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 16 Comments

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not be married but the longterm ‘Twilight’ couple have been together far longer than Kim and Kris and they’ve successfully nurtured their love. Here’s what Kim and Kris could learn from them!

#1: Make PRIVATE time for just the two of you and let your hair down: Kim and Kris are living their romance– every last bit of it- in front of the reality TV and celebrity magazine cameras and that will be a disaster  if it continues. Rob and Kristen know that as a couple you need time alone to share your thoughts and secrets even if you’re in front of the film cameras together , all day long. The Twilight pair are known for late night dinners a deux, where they cosy up , drink wine and nibble on cheese, appetizers and each other. No meddling mothers, siblings or producers of any kind. Just the two of them hanging out and being romantic.

#2:Don’t Expose every romantic gesture, kiss and caress to your fans: Some things are best left to the imagination of your fans: I know Kim, that you are a reality star but after watching Kris propose to you on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, filming your wedding for a two-part E! special and selling your photographs, you need to keep your fans guessing about some aspects of your relationship. And keep those parts of your relationship to yourself. Case in point- neither Rob nor Kristen has ever publicly confirmed that they are dating nor have we ever seen them kiss in public.Nevertheless, we still know they are together and in love.

#3: You Don’t need to shower each other with expensive gifts: Personal momenteos are even better to give: Kim, you may have a $2 million engagement ring but are you in love with $$$ signs or Kris? Kristen Stewart appears to be completely thrilled by R Patz’s highly personal gifts- a vintage leather jacket that he gave her, the shirts he’s worn , his guitar and the shared gift of their dog, Bear.

#4: Be Close to HIS Friends, NOT just your friends and family: Kristen has totally mastered this.She has completely befriended Rob’s BFF’s. She’s hung out with Rob’s closest friend Tom Sturridge and his girlfriend Sienna Miller in London ,even without Rob. She co-starred in the film, On The Road with Tom,. She and and Rob have attended his friend musician Sam Bradley’s club shows together and now Kristen is starring in the music video for “I Was Broken“, written and sung by Rob’s friend, Marcus Foster. Now Kim – have we ever  seen you hanging with Kris’s friends. It can’t be a one-way street  i.e. Kris only  spending time with your “peeps” or he’ll resent you. Plus, when Kristen spends time with Rob’s pals, it just gives them more in common and more shared experiences. It’s part of building a life together to integrate each other with your friends.

#5: Don’t Flirt with other men or women: Not that either Kim or Kris has done this … yet. But it’s worth paying attention to and applauding the fact that there’s never been a shred of real gossip that either Rob or Kristen have eyes for anyone other than each other. They are true through and through. Despite often long work separations and other attractive co-stars, Rob and Kristen have never been caught flirting with anyone else and looked thrilled to be with each other when they’re together. They don’t appear to play any jealousy games with each other and that’s very good for their relationship.

Got that Kim and Kris– no games, no flirting, make private time for each other, both of you get to know each other’s friends and family and give personal- not just expensive gifts. take it from Robert and Kristen- these things have worked for them- they can work for you! Good luck!


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