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'The Lying Game' Recap: Ethan Gets Framed & Sutton Makes A Shocking Discovery!

Tue, August 30, 2011 4:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Just when you think ‘The Lying Game’ can’t get any more complicated…

Laurel thought she hit the jackpot on the Aug. 29 episode of ABC Family’s The Lying Game when she met the new guy in town — too bad Char called dibs on him! In other unfortunate relationship news, Emma (Alexandra Cando) invited Ethan (Blair Redford) over for dinner, but his brother crashed the big event with an unsettling announcement: Emma’s laptop was found… in Ethan’s car!

I think the whole “dibs” thing is ridiculous. Justin asked for Laurel’s number, not Char’s. She can’t just call some guy her property and expect everyone else to obey her. Laurel might be totally irritating, but she definitely deserves Justin and should not have to listen to control-freak Char.

And although I like Ethan (he’s cute, intelligent, and a bad boy) I don’t blame Mr. Mercer for being skeptical of him. The guy has a bad rep, and was even in juvie! If I was a dad, or even a best friend, I wouldn’t advise anyone to date him. Still, I’m glad Emma decided to trust him in the end and believe that he didn’t steal the laptop. He does seem like a valuable ally in this whole mess that Sutton has gotten Emma into.

Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles, Sutton found out the woman she thought was their mother was actually paid to take part in an illegal adoption. In fact, Emma was originally supposed to be adopted by a wealthy family in Beverly Hills, but Sutton learned that their mom went back to retrieve Emma and the family was forced to give the baby up since the adoption was corrupt. Sutton even got her hands on a picture of baby Emma with their mom.

At the end of the episode, we saw creepy Mr. Ryback spying on Sutton and Thayer. He’s totally in on the twin secret! He’s so sketchy and borderline possessive of Mads. No wonder she wants to spend some romantic time with her ballet instructor! Her dad is doing a great job of pushing her away.

My guess, right now, is that he is Sutton and Emma’s father and the Mercers are hiding his secrets. If not that, maybe he’s just related to Sutton and Emma somehow. He reminds me of your typical TV abusive father — he seems to know everything that’s going on in Sutton and Emma’s life, even the relationship with Ethan. I think that’s why he tried to set Ethan up by having the laptop placed in his car.

I seriously get the chills whenever he’s on screen! What do YOU think he’s up to?

— Flora Collins