'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci Contemplates Dropping Out Of School & Catelynnn Reunites With Her Dad For The First Time In Four Years!

Tue, August 30, 2011 11:33pm EST by 3 Comments

It was another heartwrenching episode of ‘Teen Mom’ tonight as Maci dealt with Ryan drama, Amber cried over Christmas and Farrah had a blowout fight with her parents! Did you watch?

The holidays are here and you know what that means for the Teen Mom girls — drama. On the Aug. 30 episode, Maci Bookout faces a tough decision about college, Amber Portwood struggles with the memories of Christmas, Farrah Abraham goes house hunting in Arizona and Catelynn Lowell spends time with her dad for the first time in FOUR years! Did you tune in?

Maci, Bentley and Kyle are in the middle of having a Toy Story dress-up party when Ryan interrupts the fun by texting Maci about a possible job he has for Kyle — weird! Maci meets with her friend Ashton at the ice cream parlor to talk about Ryan’s job proposition for Kyle, who’s just as surprised by the “act of kindness” as Maci is. She doesn’t get what it’s about — is Ryan trying to be nice or sabotage her and Kyle’s relationship?

Later on in the episode, Maci meets with her mom Sharon and asks for some advice on whether or not she should register for classes and go back to college. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s “missing out” on Bentley, but she knows school is important. While they’re with Sharon, Maci and Kyle bring up Ryan’s recent job offer and how weird it is! What is Ryan thinking? He even friended Kyle on Facebook!

The following day, Maci calls her college advisor to ask him about the possibility of her taking the semester off. He tells her that that would be a bad decision and that she should keep going with classes. We agree!


Amber and her new boyfriend Clinton decorate her house for the holidays, while Leah spends time with Gary. But in the midst of their “decorating date,” Amber gets five dozen roses delivered to her from a secret admirer aka Gary! And Clinton FLIPS out! He gets on the phone with Gary and bashes him! Ouch.

The following day, Amber gets emotional  thinking about her sister Candace, who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 15 years ago. Her pain makes her think of her own daughter, so she decides to call Gary so that theycan figure out Leah’s plans for the holiday. After they hang up, Gary admits to his friend that he misses Amber a lot, especially during the Christmas season, and reveals he’ll never fully get over her.  

Amber is really struggling with child services and her custody issues with Gary. To make sure Leah understands that mommy and daddy will always be there, even if they’re not together, Amber heads over to Gary”s house to help finish decorating his Christmas tree. Gary wants Leah to be able to see her mom, no matter what’s going on between them.  

When Amber gets to Gary’s house, she gives Leah an big hug and kiss and helps Gary decorate the tree. Then, after Leah goes to bed, Amber and Gary get the chance to talk and spend some time together to figure things out, but all Amber can talk about is Candace. Of course though, Gary comforts her and lets her know everything will work out. 


Since California wasn’t what she was expecting, Farrah is thinking about moving to Arizona. She wants her parents to come with her to look for a house, but they’re concerned. They don’t want Farrah to move away with Sophia!

When they arrive in Arizona, the family takes Sophia to the train museum before looking at apartments and condos. But instead of shopping in her price range, the Abrahams take Farrah around a really expensive community,which she obviously can’t afford to live in — and the fangs come out! Why can’t Farrah just respect her parents and be nice for once?

When they finally look at a home in Farrah’s price range, Farrah and her mom HATE it and complain the entire time. And at dinner,  Farrah’s attitude blows up even more! She fights with her parents at a restaurant and her mom yells, “You need help Farrah!” before walking out. “I’m done this with this.”

Farrah recommends that her family gets counseling so that they can figure things out and get along. Obviously, her parents are just worried about her moving away, she should realize that!


Catelynn and Tyler move into a bigger, but cheaper, house! And while they’re moving boxes, Catelynn’s dad Dave calls from Florida and asks if he can meet with her in her hometown of Michigan — it’s the FIRST time he’ll be introduced to Tyler! “I’m just excited to have one of my stable parents around again” Catelynn tells Tyler. “I’m so much closer to my dad than my mom, even though he lives so far away. I haven’t seen him in four years!” Wow, how exciting!

When Catelynn finally meets up with her dad, she gives him a huge, and overdue, hug and introduces him to Tyler! Afterwards, she brings Dave home to their new house and he’s really impressed by how mature his daughter is –not to mention he loves Tyler. They go out the dinner the next night and Catelynn’s dad said he’d be proud to have Tyler as a son-in-law… Aww!

The next morning, Catelynn shares photos of Carly with her dad and he gets emotional, but he knows she’s in a better place. Catelynn and Tyler drive Dave to the airport and say goodbye before heading back to their house and talking about the possibility of him moving back to Michigan. Catelynn really wants her dad to be close to her again!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who was had your favorite storyline of the night?

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 2:15 PM on September 6, 2011  

Just because most of these girls can’t seem to handle being a young mom doesnt mean that no woman can! Amber really needs to actually start loving her daughter. I am sick of seeing Leah being neglected. In the past it was dumping Leah in the play pen every time she seemed not in the mood to parent and now its just easier to not see Leah at all. Even when she does see her she maybe hugs or kisses her for about a second and then no more physical contact. Every photo I see of Amber and Leah, Amber’s looking anywhere but at her daughter. It is breaking my heart. Usually when you see a mom and her young child together they are looking at each other smiling…in Leah’s case she is staring at the floor and Amber is texting or something. Furthermore, Maci is doing pretty good all things considered. Yes she isnt perfect, she definitely makes mistakes and communication is usually her pitfall but hey no one is perfect. She is the only mom who plays with her child. I agree having another baby now is crazy and she shouldnt drop out of school but I can 100% relate to why she thinks about it. I was a first year in university when I got pregnant. I ended up transfering to college after baby was born and did a fast paced diploma program while baby was 0-12 months. It was ideal but it was necessary and I definitely hated every second of it! Also the baby thing is understandable. She wants to create a family with Kyle, she wants to go on maternity so she can stay at home all the time, and she misses having an infant because Bentley is a toddler now. Normal but still not the right decision. People shouldnt be so mean about it. Everyone says Farrah is a brat but at least she’s a good mom. I don’t know why people say that. She is a brat and not a good mom. When is she ever playing with Sophia? As far as I can tell she is always doing her own thing and little Sophia is just along for the ride. She pretty much ignores Sophia and Sophia being a very easy going toddler just accepts it because she doesn’t know any different. Not to mention she is constantly plugged up with a pacifier….seriously, still?! A good mom sits on the floor and plays games with their tots, she makes them laugh, teaches them words/colors/animal sounds, and puts everything she has to making that child be the most loved and appreciated being in the world. So no, Farrah is not a good mom. She is a brat to everyone, including her daughter. She should not yell in front of her poor baby all the time either. I mean its not as bad as Amber and Gary where little Leah literally bangs her head when they fight, but I doubt Sophia is pleased by hearing her mom scream at her grandparents. Kids hate to hear their parents fight and in this situation, Farrah’s parents are basically playing the other parental role to Sophia. Caitlyn is adorable. I think she made the hardest decision any woman can do but I am proud of her. I dont think its the right decision for every young mom, obviously Maci is giving Bentley a great life, but definitely if you do not have the supports and personal maturity adoption is the right decision. I think that Caitlyn and Tyler are fairly mature but probably still not ready to be parents. They are still just kids and they are doing a pretty good job at surviving teenage life. Farrah, if your parents drive you nuts move to your own place. You do not need to move across the country and tear apart your family. Sophia is very close to your parents (the people who actually play with the child) and it would hurt her if she didnt get to see them anymore. Also Farrah has no clue how to be self sufficient so moving away in baby steps is probably best. Sorry for the long rant!

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Posted at 12:21 PM on August 31, 2011  

I watched this show last night. It’s so bad, you can’t stop watching. Every single last one of these girls is a mess. Just MESSY. Farrah is so disrespectful and ungrateful to her parents. Maci is and Caitlyn are advocating teenagers living with your boyfriends and dropping out of school. Good job. And finally, that Amber. Amber’s daughter calls her by her first name and not mommy. That should say it all about her. Bottom line girls-teenagers should not have babies. They physically can have them. But should they really be having them? NO.

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Posted at 12:07 PM on September 1, 2011  

You’re wrong. Catelynn was still in school and she and Tyler both graduated from high school this past June and are going on to college. They’re inspiring teenagers, something that usually missing from MTV shows. If she’s advocating anything, it’s that adoption is the right thing to do in this situation most of the time. She’s my favorite teen mom.

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