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'Bachelor Pad' Vienna Girardi Blogs: Seeing William Kicked Off Was The Hardest Rose Ceremony Ever!

Tue, August 30, 2011 3:07pm EDT by 2 Comments

‘Bachelor Pad’ star Vienna Girardi is blogging for, sharing her thoughts about each episode! Read what she says below!

Jake Pavelka‘s exit! Finally, my man is safe and the house (as you saw) voted Jake off. If they really wanted Kasey gone, they could have sent him home. No one put a gun to their heads. They made the choice on their own. Sorry to the rest of the house (Erica) who didn’t want him to leave. I understand that he was going to be her partner, but I can promise you that we find her a new partner (one just as sneaking and willing to do anything as she is).

Also, did she just call me ugly!? (Thank goodness her dad fixed my face and gave me a new nose! LMAO.)

That dang kissing contest! Yuck!!!!!! First off, Gram had a cold, Erica tried sucking the boys faces off, and Holly and Michael thought it was a ‘who can make out the longest contest’. Oh wow! Holly and Blake! I guess Holly would win either way then. Go, Ella, go! She got down on those boys and won that contest by a land slide. (She offered to give me free kissing lessons, but I’m going pass on that offer after watching her tongue play hide and seek in everyone’s mouth.) On a side note, my heart goes out to Michael. He had no idea that Blake’s tongue showed him up and stole his girl Holly away.

Ella’s date about made my Spiderman William cry. He saw that car and about flipped.

Oh no, and now Blake has to choose a date. (Queue the eerie music…) Melissa finds out that Blake changed his mind again, and again, and again…!

Word of advice, Blake; don’t invite someone on a date then disinvite them! (I don’t think you guys saw this, but Blake invited Melissa on the date and it got edited out. It’s really a shame that you only have two hours to show everything how it really goes down.)

Wow! Is Erica on top of Blake now?? Seriously, that outside bed must be her web. Does she not realize she is going to have to go through Holly and Melissa?? Watch out, girl!

So, who is it going to be? Melissa? Holly? Erica? Just choose one and then RUN fast because they will find you!! Haha! What a shocker! Really? You just chose Holly over your partner? What the hell is wrong with you?

Wow, Melissa just called Holly a beep, beep, beeping, beep. Ummm, all I have to say is “WOW!” Again, my heart goes out to Michael. Especially when it turns into an overnight date.

I actually learned something on Bachelor Pad just now: how do you get rid of a dictator? Get rid of their resources. (Random Fact.)

Melissa is running around the house looking for Blake but all I can focus on are those huge fluffy sneakers she is wearing. Oh, and Blake brushing his teeth for 30 minutes. (Reminds me that I need to get one of those electric tooth brushes. I wonder if Blake could get me a discount on one.)

I must say I think choosing a date part is much more entertaining than the actual dates.

Blake just used the cheesiest line ever on Holly. (He needs to reexamine Holly’s kiss. Seriously that was the best he could come up with?) I guess it was pretty funny though.

Let’s go back to the house. I almost want to cry for Michael right now. Just out of respect, she shouldn’t have stayed overnight with Blake. First of all, Michael is her partner and on top of that fact they literally just called off their engagement. I’m just saying…it’s ok that she likes Blake and she went on a date but to stay overnight kind of crossed the line in my book.

So let’s fast forward to the rose ceremony…

This was by far the hardest rose ceremony I have ever gone through. Not for the safety of Kasey and I, but because the only other people to vote for were Melissa, Erica, and William. I absolutely adore William and he is like my brother. (We actually called ourselves twins and pretended Michelle was our mom. We would run around playing tricks on each other and had so many heart to hearts, I couldn’t even begin to tell you everything we shared with each other as friends.) He is such a wonderful person that it truly hurt me to vote for him more than anything else that had happened in the house, (who am I going to whip cream in the middle of the night now). :(

Melissa is and has been one of my closest friends since taping the show. Watching this episode makes me feel for her so much. She really is a good person and she just wears her heart on her sleeve. She can’t handle the pressure of Bachelor Pad. On another note, I believe that the results of tonight’s rose ceremony could have been altered if Blake had chosen to save his partner with the rose he won like he should have done!

That is how we say goodbye to someone we care about. William and Melissa left with a hug from all of us and tears. We really were going to miss them in the house.

Hope you enjoyed episode four. Like I said, it only gets better every week.

XO Vienna

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