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'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Holly Spends The Night With Blake — Behind Michael's Back!

Tue, August 30, 2011 11:00am EDT by 1 Comment

Plus, Jake tries to apologize to Vienna. Will those two EVER make up?

Kasey tried to teach the audience an important lesson on the Aug. 29 episode of ABC’s Bachelor Pad: “Jake‘s a snake!” (But seriously, Kasey, at least Jake is a good public speaker!) All Jake ever wanted to ever do was apologize to Vienna, but her knight-in-shining-armor of a boyfriend is just too stubborn to ever see the good in him.

This week’s competition was the infamous “kissing contest,” which was the most popular from last season. And of course the producers had to make it even juicier this time by incorporating all the love triangles and sexual tension in the house. As soon as Chris Harrison announced the game, Kasey and Graham didn’t want to participate — but of course they changed their minds.

But when Michelle put her foot down and opted out of the game, she wasn’t just trying to impress Graham; she really didn’t participate because of her daughter, Brielle. Michelle, if you think staying out of a kissing contest will set a good example for your daughter, why don’t you ask Ella why she thought kissing the men like her life depended on it would impress her nine-year-old son, Ethan? (‘Ethan, guess what? Mommy was voted the best kisser because she used her voluptuous lips and tongue, blind-folded, to get closer to buying you a house!’) All kidding aside, she does have a sad story.

Ella won the rose, and picked none other than her partner, Kirk. Are you really surprised she didn’t pick Kasey? Besides the fact that he has a girlfriend, someone needs to give that guy a mint and save the day! I feel like I can smell his breath just based on the looks on the girls’ faces, so it’s no wonder all he got were pecks on the lips (aside from Vienna, of course).

Kirk and Ella took off in a sick red Porsche, and William was totally jealous — though not not of the date with Ella, but of the car! He looked like he wanted to make out with that sports car, the way he drooled all over it

But back to the date: Ella and Kirk shared pizza, ice cream, and some serious talk. Out of all the pairs on this show, Kirk and Ella really do need the money the most. Between Kirk having been very sick in college and Ella’s story about her stepfather shooting her mother when she was three, they’re both traumatized! She wants to raise money for battered women, and I hope everyone can see what a good person she is. Onto something more uplifting, the couple then got to share a hot air balloon ride, and predictably, she gave him the rose.

Onto the men: It was no secret that Blake was trying to give every girl a tonsillectomy. (We get it, Blake, you’re the world’s greatest dentist with perfect teeth. But there’s no need to shove your tongue down everyone’s throats — everyone’s except Vienna’s, that is.) In the end, Blake decided to give his rose to Holly, since he really wanted that one-on-one date with his crush. He won, and he didn’t want to spend another minute pretending to be attracted to Melissa. He thinks with “little Blake,” and not with his head.

Blake and Holly went skiing, and it seemed like the date was actually a set-up for her, since she can’t even ski! Blake to the rescue! The only PDA we got to see was one kiss, but we can all guess what happened behind closed doors. I’m convinced more happened, since they decided to stay and spend the night together out of the house, leaving Michael in the dark.

And that just gave crazy Melissa even more time to get into his head. Michael ran to Holly when she got back the next morning, excited to see her, and professed his love to her forever and ever. This left her torn. (Really, Holly? Michael is the man, in my eyes, and this shouldn’t even be a choice; as you can see, Blake is a player!)

In the end, psycho Melissa had to go. So Erica, you and your lips are free for one more week — just stop trying to kiss Ella (to see what the best kisser really ‘tastes’ like.) Kasey also manipulated the house again this week, resulting in William getting sent home.

So what do YOU think, BFFs? Will Holly start dating Blake or will she tell Michael that she loves him back? Did that kiss really mean something? Who do you think will win the money and who will be next to get the boot? Tell us what you think below!

— Debbie Goldberg