Angelina Jolie & Her Beautiful Babies Star In The October Issue Of Vanity Fair!

Tue, August 30, 2011 10:51am EST by 7 Comments

Sadly though, we won’t be seeing anymore kids joining the Jolie-Pitt family anytime soon — Angie reveals she’s NOT pregnant and she’s NOT adopting… well for now anyway!

Angelina Jolie looks absolutely gorgeous in the new issue of Vanity Fair as she poses alongside two of her six children — daughters Zahara, 6, and Vivienne, 3. The actress, 36, sets the record straight about the prospect of adding more babies to her brood with Brad Pitt. Is number seven in the works?

“I’m not pregnant. I’m not adopting at the moment,” Angie tells Vanity Fair in it’s October issue, which hits news stands on Sept. 1.

But, Angie doesn’t make it sound like she won’t ever adopt again. We’ll give it a few months.

As of now, Angelina and Brad are enjoying their family of eight and have recently been spending a lot of their time overseas in London, where Brad is filming the new zombie-flick World War Z.

Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, Shiloh, 5, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, are having a ball — and obviously appearing in photo shoots! We would have NEVER thought Angie would let this happen, but we must say, these photos are beautiful!

Do you think Brangelina are done expanding their brood? Share your thoughts!

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 7:04 PM on September 30, 2011  

I Think Someday When Knox And Vivienne Turn Five Years Old Shiloh Wants To Be A Girly Girl Again Start Wearing More Girls Clothing And When She Goes Swimming She Needs To Start Wearing Girls’ Bathing Suit Swimwear And If Brad And Angie Are Married She Needs To Start Wearing A Dress And Her Dress Will Look Kinda Like The Real 7 Year Old Alice Liddell’s Dress If She’s A Flower Girl As Well As Vivienne And Zahara, I Think Zahara Wants A Baby Sister So Brad And Angie Should Adopt A Afro-Mexican Baby Girl That Looks Like Zahara And Someday After The Adoption Of A Afro-Mexican Baby Girl Brad And Angelina Should Give Birth To A Fourth Biological Child Who Will Be Born In London U.K. And It Will Be Angelina’s Mini Me Her Name Will Be Angelina Jane Jolie Pitt And I Think Angelina Jane Jolie Pitt Will Definitely Looks Like Her Mom Angelina Jolie Rather Than Her Dad Brad Pitt And This Baby Girl Should Have Dark Blonde/Light Brown Hair That Means She Should Have Angelina Jolie’s Hair

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Posted at 2:49 PM on September 4, 2011  

I heard that Angie – in preparation for her role in The Changeling – had to consult with her team of nannies to learn how to play the part of a mother convincingly.

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Harvey Flatnberry

Posted at 2:45 PM on September 3, 2011  

Its all a sham. Nothing but tax deductible PR crap. Make the people love you. Take their money. Convince them that you’re making the world a better place. Take more of their money. Be nothing but a greedy sell-out hypocrite pig with a fake commercial personality and a fake cause to pose for. Concentrate even more of the world’s wealth and resources and lead the ignorant masses to believe that you’re doing the opposite. I can’t stop them and I can’t punish them but I can tell you that their bogus promises to make the world a better place will not be kept. Any ‘humanitarian’ progress made in one area will always be lost in another with a net loss for the majority. There will be more poverty. More starvation. More conflict. Meanwhile the rich will keep getting richer and richer and richer. They will always dumb us down and divert our attention from one area to another. Just like they have been for at least 25 years. Ethipoia (still bad), Darfur (even worse), Malawi (still bad). As they concentrate more and more of the world’s wealth and resources, they will cause more inflation, more poverty, more starvation, and more conflict on a global scale. In order to divert our attention, they will adopt another cause to pose for. and another. and another. and another. Each time, putting their fake humanitarian stamp on it and jet-setting the world in the name of ‘humanity’. Actually charging their private jet rides and 5 star hotel accomodations to their own bogus ‘foundations’. Pleading with us to buy more of their products and support more of their ‘good will’. Taking more of our money and throwing a few crumbs back to the poor along the way. With another photo-op and worldwide publicity for each and every crumb. Like I said, its all a sham. Nothing but a giant marketing gimmick and a cheap excuse to keep getting richer and richer and richer. These people are actually causing the same problems they pretend to care about. It is the greatest scam of all time. I will not forgive them for it. I will expose as many as possible for the hypocrite pigs that they are. Thats my cause. Its the ugly truth. Someone has to tell it.

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Andrey Min'kov

Posted at 12:44 PM on September 5, 2011  

All to the best.

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Posted at 8:23 AM on September 6, 2011  

Wow, pretty harsh! If people aren’t doing things to help causes then people talk about how selfish they are and then when they actually help people than people like you are criticizing them for that too? What can these people do to actually satisfy the people in the world like you? And I find it pretty unbelievable that because Angelina is helping people in one place then people in other countries are worse off because of it?!?! I don’t think so. I have to say, I’m not really a huge Angelina Jolie fan but I do think that she is beautiful and I definitely respect her passion for supporting very important causes. You want to critize people like her so much, but what are YOU doing to help? And you know what, even if a celebrity was helping just for publicity and to stay relevant (which I don’t think is the case for Angelina) at least the people are still being helped, regardless of the reason. Also, you are not exposing anyone except yourself for being an ass…So why don’t you get off your high horse, stop hiding behind your computer and wasting your life on writing such negative comments about people and get out there help the people that you SAY these celebrities aren’t helping! Idiot!

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Andrey Min'kov

Posted at 4:11 PM on September 2, 2011  

To reach a supernew star very hard. But the hope of success is.

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Posted at 1:43 PM on August 30, 2011  

I don;t think Brad and Angelina are done she has admitted they talk about that. My guess is when the twins turn 5 they may adopt again

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