Jada Pinkett Smith Couldn't Have Cheated On Will Smith — They Have A Sexy, Open Marriage!

Thu, August 25, 2011 9:23am EDT by 84 Comments

Jada reportedly hooked up with her ‘HawthoRNe’ co-star Marc Anthony — something which both Jada and Marc deny. But the Smiths have always talked about their “open” relationship, so even if she did sleep around — she didn’t cheat on Will!

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith enjoy an “open” marriage. They’ve been very forthcoming in the past about how they treat their relationship. And yes, Jada denies sleeping with Marc Anthony on the set of HawthoRNe, but even if she had, that would be OK!

“Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural,” Will said in an interview. “You’re going to be attracted to people. In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others.’ The vow that we made was that you will never hear that I did something after the fact.”

“If it came down to it, then one can say to the other, ‘Look, I need to have sex with somebody. I’m not going to if you don’t approve of it — but please approve of it,'” he added.

In a separate interview, Jada gave her own thoughts. “We always have people that we’re attracted to that we talk about. That don’t stop just because your married. Somebody’s always gonna catch your eye. That’s real. Somebody’s gonna always be prettier than me, somebody’s always gonna be more in awe of him than me.”

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Partsy Ralph

Posted at 7:20 PM on August 27, 2014  

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Posted at 12:36 AM on August 29, 2013  

Its their relationship.. whatever works for them.. they seem like a happy family and all seem to be doing well.. congrats to them.. and leave people to live their lives… yes, they WORK to entertain us.. but their private lives are just that.. their ‘private’ lives.. so LIVE ON Smith family.. best wishes to all of your futures.. :)

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Posted at 8:27 AM on March 12, 2013  

Can you have your cake and eat it??

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Posted at 11:41 PM on February 12, 2013  

Who knew so many bible thumpers were reading celebrity gossip rags? Seriously, its hilarious that you expect the entire world, and hollywood especially at that, to follow some ancient book written by who the hell knows who forever ago. Not everyone believes in your make believe dad in the sky.

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Posted at 11:09 PM on March 8, 2013  

What an original thought that is. You’re such a progressive thinker. I love how you tell Christians to get off the site and stop judging and then you go on to call the bible stupid. Who is the judge again?

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Posted at 3:11 PM on March 18, 2013  

you seem like such a happy person

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Posted at 9:25 PM on April 4, 2013  

poor ignorant you…

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Posted at 12:17 AM on February 11, 2013  

Will Smith said to not fight what is natural. I say that in the end an open marriage will not work. Someone will get tired of the situation . That is not what God intended for marriage. I think people need to review their marital vows before they marry. Everything that feels good to us is not necessarily good for us. I mean i love Will and Jada, but the devil will fool you into thinking its ok to do sinful things. Thou Shalt not commit adultery . You may say well it’s not adultery or cheating if they are ok with it, but show me in the bible where it says ‘it’s ok to have sexual relations outside your marriage if it’s ok with both parties’

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Liane Iwowari

Posted at 3:16 PM on April 9, 2013  

i completely agree. im married and i would never do this to my husband. its adultery because you are still desiring other women or men when you are married. that’s not right. even if they are okay with it. it’s still cheating.

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Posted at 8:04 PM on May 23, 2013  

Guess you never saw in the Bible all of the marriages where the husband has many wives huh.

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Posted at 8:45 PM on January 21, 2013  

If that’s the case with their relationship then what’s the point of being married? If I’m married to someone I want them to remain faithful to me even if they might feel ” attracted” to someone else it’s still not right for you to just sleep with them and were married. They might as well be friends with benefit because their whole marriage is a joke. And it’s a bad example for their children. That totally throws away all the fundamental values that marriage was build on and it just makes it a moot point.

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Posted at 12:32 PM on December 3, 2012  

Everyone has there own ways of living. You may not agree with it or believe in it but IT WORKS FOR THEM! And I gotta say I 100% agree with them.
You will always be attracted to someone else, someone is always going to be prettier/handsomer than he or she that you’re with. If you say you’re not attracted to someone else you’re a liar.
I’m in the midst of adding some taboo to my relationship of 5 years (no intention of getting married at all actually) too each their own. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with them…it’s their life!
If you ask me they both rock :D

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Posted at 1:13 PM on November 29, 2012  

Most people do not understand that sex and love are 2 completely different things.

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Posted at 7:11 PM on December 23, 2012  

I agree sex and love have Nothing to do with one another! You can absolutely love someone can want to sleep with 12 other people, it’s human nature. Kudos to them for admitting to that and being out spoken and honest about their relationship, clearly it works for them! I would also totally be about an open marriage one day!

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Tieshawn Ettet

Posted at 3:44 AM on November 21, 2012  

I love Will and Jada as a couple but this open marriage is baloney!

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Posted at 12:41 PM on November 15, 2012  

That is really sad…I have such low opinions of both of them now. So what’s the point of getting married? Marriage is sacred. Those two idiots can’t have an open marriage otherwise just say it – adultery! What are those two doing to their kids? Deep down they are not being honest with each other…there is no REAL love.

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Posted at 11:51 PM on August 13, 2012  

Good for them! America, leave your puritan hypocrisy in history books where it belongs. Enjoy life and be honest about it!

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Posted at 1:04 PM on October 15, 2012  

This disgusts me and goes everything against the reason marriage was created in the first place. Why not just be really good f#$%ing friends instead of getting married and having kids? I have been with my husband since we were 15 and 16 (I am now 37) and love him more everyday, and could’nt imagine wanting to have sex with someone else even if I thought they were incredibly attractive. This is what is wrong with society today, noone has morals or loyalty anymore!!! To anyone or anything!

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Screw you

Posted at 11:04 AM on December 25, 2012  

I agree with you, don’t get married if your going to have an open relationship. It is adultery and what higher power do they really believe in? Real and being honest is great in a relationship. Yes were attracted to other people. Doesn’t mean you have to f**k them. What else does that person have besides attraction? Clearly not everything but the one or two things you lust for. Will and jada having kids too!? What will there kids pick up? Willow will be bisexual? Jaden will want an open marriage too? Marriage is for a reason, when your done with how sick this world is and what people do to feed there lust. Lets be real Will and Jada, just get a divorce and be friends with benefits or boyfriend and girlfriend. There life style can bring temptation. Obviously both of them aren’t strong enough to resist the urge. And it’s clear there love is at a low. There’s no real love there, just an excuse to cheat or it’s not cheating to them. Just an excuse reap what they lack, which is real love. Lets be real Will and Jada, you two don’t love each other that much. Stop teaching the world the Satonic marriage, because that’s not what the good man up stairs created marriage to be. Stop creating our own rules and just get divorce. The media will understand.

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