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Dear Justin Bieber, Stop Crashing Other People's Concerts!

Wed, August 24, 2011 4:37pm EDT by 37 Comments

Justin jumped on stage to perform his hit song ‘Baby’ with Taylor Swift during her LA concert on Aug. 23.  But Tay’s not the only one who has been “Kanyed” by Justin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Justin Bieber fan. (I’ll admit more than one of his songs have made it on to my iPod, although I definitely do not have Bieber fever.) But he needs to stop upstaging his friends’ (and girlfriend’s) performances!

At Taylor Swift‘s concert in LA, Justin surprised the audience with a rousing performance of ‘Baby,’ with Taylor adding backup vocals. Not unexpectedly, the audience went nuts for the Biebs. But since it was Taylor’s time to shine, he should have simply sat in his seat and enjoyed the show! Taylor herself even acknowledged that the fans screamed louder for him than her! (Taylor, it seems, is unfortunately becoming the poster girl for stage intruders. See: Kanye West, 2009 MTV VMAs.

But even worse — he did it to his girlfriend, too. Back in July, Selena Gomez brought Justin on stage, prompting screams for the tweenie boppers in attendance. A performance of ‘Cry Me A River’ later and Justin had the crowd wrapped around his little finger. Poor Selena didn’t stand a chance.

It would be one thing if Justin had a duet with the singers — then joining them wouldn’t be a big deal. It would actually be welcomed! But he doesn’t, so he shouldn’t. (Although, we wouldn’t complain if he recorded with either Taylor or Selena.)

Surely he’s not doing it on purpose, but he has to know the effect he has on young female concert-goers. (And sometimes their mothers.) He should respect the fact that when Taylor and Selena are on stage, the night belongs to them — not him.

Justin, if you’re so anxious for fan adoration, go on tour yourself and stop stealing the spotlight from your lady friends!

— Denise Warner

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