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'The Lying Game' Recap: Emma & Ethan Get Close — And The Laptop Thief Is Revealed!

Tue, August 23, 2011 12:01am EDT by Add first Comment

Do you think Emma should be careful not to get too close to Ethan, considering he is her twin sister’s boyfriend?

When the Aug. 22 episode of ABC Family’s The Lying Game began, Emma (Alexandra Chando) still hadn’t heard from missing-twin Sutton. In order to prepare for the father-daughter dance, Emma agreed to take dance lessons from Sutton’s boyfriend Ethan (Blair Redford) — and the two became much closer.

Emma also stepped in and defended Char when her mother flung hurtful words upon hearing that Char had been cut from the ballet recital. And speaking of parental drama, we soon learned that Mads’ dad believes it was Sutton’s idea for Thayer to move to LA. That’s when the panic ensued. After the dance, the Mercers return home and find Ethan in Sutton’s bedroom! But the most gripping, scary moment of the show was left to the very end, when we learned that Mads’ father hired someone to steal Sutton’s laptop! (These parents are definitely keeping a lot of secrets!)

I think Emma is doing the best she can pretending to be Sutton, but Sutton should have given her more explanation as to how to live her life. And I’m beginning to think she’s not just in LA to find their birth mother. Sutton seems to have a lot of baggage, and I’m worried that Emma will be harmed as she uncovers it all. And while I like that Ethan is helping her, he hasn’t given any explanation as to why they have to keep the switch a secret for so long.

I was also very proud of Emma for standing up to Char’s mom. It was a bit inappropriate, since it was sort of a family matter, but Emma certainly had a point. Mrs. Chamberlain shouldn’t be ragging on her daughter for something that Char can’t really fix. She should be glad that nothing worse has happened to her daughter, especially since the Lying Games have revealed themselves to be pretty dangerous.

Mr. Reybeck’s aggression toward Emma-as-Sutton was uncalled for and borderline creepy. He reminded me of an abusive husband or dad. I didn’t totally think it was the right move on Ethan’s part to punch Mr. Reybeck, but the man definitely deserved it.

I also think Mr. Reybeck might have some information about Sutton and Emma’s birth parents. Maybe he and the Mercers have been keeping that secret for years and that’s why he took the laptop. Perhaps he wanted to learn more about Sutton’s findings. The parents on this show are really freaking me out — and I kind of like it. They’re very different from the average coiffed caring parent that ABC Family typically presents.

What did YOU think of this week’s episode?

— Flora Collins