'Teen Mom' Recap: Catelynn Christmas Shops For Carly, Amber Goes On A Date & Maci Tells Kyle She's Ready To Have ANOTHER Baby!

Tue, August 23, 2011 11:22pm EST by 5 Comments

On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom,’ Catelynn and Tyler deal with some adoption drama while Maci contemplates having a baby with Kyle, who’s obviously NOT ready!

Plus, Amber goes out to dinner with her friend Clinton, who kisses her and tells her he’s ready for a relationship, and Farrah jets of to California to search for a new apartment! It was a night filled with new beginnings! Did YOU watch?


Maci and Kyle take Bentley to day care so he can meet some new friends, but he doesn’t like it when Maci leaves! Bentley and Maci share such a special bond, and so do Bentley and Kyle. “Seeing Kyle with Bentley makes me see what a great dad he’ll be,” Maci says, “if we have kids of our own.” After day care, Maci asks Kyle if he wants to have a baby, and he says once they get married they will, but he’s just not ready yet. Maci keeps asking, saying she wants a little girl and it sounds like Bentley definitely wants a baby sister — he kept following Kyle around saying, “Baby, baby, baby.”

While at lunch with a friend, Kyle talks about how Maci wants another kid — he seems a bit nervous! (I don’t blame him, Maci sounds very, very serious!)

At her parent’s house, Maci tells her mom that she and Kyle were talking about having a baby and like any other mom of a teen mom, she’s concerned. Why does Maci need another baby!? She’s only 19! “Most 19-year-olds wouldn’t want another baby!” her mom says. “You’re still just a kid.” We agree! How about a wedding first…

Since Maci’s mom and Kyle aren’t crazy about the idea of adding a new baby to the mix, Maci meets her friends for dinner and asks their opinions. “Maybe Kyle’s a little scared because ya’ll are still young,” her friend says, who adds that she doesn’t want to see Maci get hurt again — a baby changes so much!

When Maci comes home from dinner, Kyle tells Maci that she needs to “get out of her baby fever” for a bit. Will she give up the baby talk?


Amber is still getting Leah’s room ready in her new place so she can move in with her. Leah has been living with Gary while Amber deals with Child Protective Services and although Gary’s happy Amber has finally learned her lesson, he is worried about Leah living with her. When Leah finally arrives at Amber’s house, she gets to see her new princess room — complete with a tent and pink bed — and she loves it!

Before Leah leaves to spend the weekend with Gary’s mom, Clinton, Amber’s “friend,” calls her and asks her out on a date! Amber asks Leah’s permission and although she says no, Amber says she’s ready and accepts Clinton’s offer. Bye, bye Gary!

On her date with Clinton, Amber asks if he was looking for a relationship. He says yes and then tells Amber about his daughter, who’s 14-months-old, and how her and Leah can be playmates. He asks her out again before kissing her at the dinner table! New Teen Mom romance in the works?


Catelynn and Tyler meet with their adoption counselor to get their six-month package from Carly and her adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa. They look at cute pictures of Carly, including one from Halloween (she was a ladybug), and realize how much they want Carly to be at their high school graduation. In hopes of making it happen, Tyler and Catelynn decide to write and send a letter to her adoptive parents, along with some Christmas presents for Carly. Tyler heads to the toy store with his dad Butch to pick out some Christmas toys for Carly.

A few days later, Catelynn goes to the toy store with her mom to shop for Carly. When she gets home, she shows Tyler the gifts before telling him that although his dad and her mom have been better about the adoption situation, Tyler’s mom Kim snuck behind their backs and called Brandon and Teresa, which was totally overstepping the boundary.

Tyler and Catelynn confront Kim when she comes over and she admits that she did not mean to “freak Brandon and Teresa out,” about their graduation plans. She says she wants to be in Carly’s life and starts to cry when she realizes she made a bad choice by going behind their backs and calling Carly’s parents.

When Catelynn and Tyler go to see their adoption counselor, she lets them know that their parents may want to get involved, but that their bond with Brandon and Teresa is sacred and should be kept private.


Farrah graduates from college with an Associate’s degree, so her dad takes her out to lunch t0 celebrate. Her goal is to get her Bachelor’s degree and start cooking school so she can eventually open a restaurant. She’s thinking about moving to California or Florida, but her dad is concerned she won’t be able to handle Sophia by herself. Farrah starts looking into places in Santa Monica and even calls a realtor to see if she can find an apartment near a college and a preschool. Farrah finally tells her mom that she’s looking into moving, but as usual, Farrah is rude and disrespectful to her mom, who’s just trying to help.

Farrah heads off to California on a trip while Sophia stays with her grandma. “I love you goofball,” she tells Sophia before jetting off. “It’s hard to leave Sophia behind, but I need to see what options are out there for us,” Farrah explains.

Once she gets to California, Farrah starts looking for places to live, but being her spoiled self, doesn’t like any she sees and seems very unimpressed.

Next stop? College visits. Farrah looks into daycare facilities on campus, but admits that she doesn’t love California. She calls her mom and tells her that LA isn’t for her and she decided not to move there. So, where will she go?

Did you watch tonight’s episode? What did you think?

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 8:08 PM on August 24, 2011  

I actually liked Clinton, he seemed nice but surely he can find someone better than Amber. She will not treat him or his child with any respect. Look how she treats Gary. I understand she might dislike him for getting her pregnant and all that, but he has feelings and you can only act that way so long before the authorities treat you like the criminal you are. Farrah was just dumped by her bf, because of her attitude. That right there should be a wake up call to stop acting so horrid. I like her when she isn’t acting so snotty! But I did notice she has no friends. She’s never calling anyone, never talking to anyone…just mom and dad. She calls her dad by his first name, I thought he was her real dad? Anyway, the problem with Farrah seems she has a ‘Kate Gosselin’ complex. Kate was fine till she got a little bit of fame then suddenly nothing was good enough for her.

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Posted at 12:19 AM on August 25, 2011  

I agreed with you

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Posted at 11:44 PM on August 23, 2011  

Ok, first of all Maci wants a baby with a man she just moved in with and he has no job. Not smart! Amber, that girl has problems, she’s so obsessed with herself that poor Clinton and his child will be the least of her concerns. He should run the other way! Farrah is very spoiled. I can’t stand how her family tries to have grown up conversations with her and she constantly rolls her eyes and acts like she hates them. Tyler and Catelynn are going to school, working, paying bills…they try to be something that better than what they grew up with-that’s commendable!

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Lisa Williamson

Posted at 1:04 AM on August 24, 2011  

Cate and Tyler broke Brandon and Teresa’s trust by giving their phone number to anyone not authorized to have it (Kim does not feel that she needs to respect any boundaries as a biological grandparent).
When Brandon and Teresa realize that Cate and Tyler think of Carly as their daughter (who is growing up away from them for a few years but Cate and Tyler still consider themselves to be her parents who will get her back in a few years), Butch is a druggie ex-con with a tattoo of Carly’s name, April is an ill-tempered meth-head, (and Kim is a control freak who does not respect her son as an adult and will do whatever she pleases with regards to contacting Brandon and Teresa on her own about Carly), then just watch Brandon and Teresa flip-out enough to close the adoption for Carly’s sake.
Maci wants a Mrs. degree, Amber cannot live without selfish drama, and Farah loves Sophia but is an egotistical bitch.

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Posted at 5:46 PM on August 24, 2011  

You said it best my friend. Kyle seems like a nice guy but come on you already had one kid too young. How about you think first this time, finish school get married. Then have a baby. Amber ugh all over the place.Farrah extremely disrespectful to anyone with an opinion that doesn’t mimic hers. Catelynn & Tyler I love them both sweet people. They’re always trying to do the right thing .for themselves for Carly . These are two high school sweethearts that I actually think are in for the long hall

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