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'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Could Go To Jail On Aug. 24 For Violating Probation!

Tue, August 23, 2011 1:42pm EDT by 1 Comment

Jenelle’s attorney tells exclusively that Jenelle could be facing up to 45 days behind bars starting tomorrow, but he expects the hearing to be continued!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is due to appear in court tomorrow Aug. 24 in front of Judge Marion Warren to battle out her four probation violations. Jenelle’s possibly looking at 45 days behind bars if she’s found guilty of the violations starting tomorrow, Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan tells exclusively!

“I think it may be continued,” says Dustin. “It’s a first appearance hearing, so they typically just want to find out what she wants to do as to an attorney.”

But if the the case is not continued, Jenelle will be sentenced and possibly taken into custody immediately if she’s found guilty, reveals Dustin. “If it’s not continued and heard tomorrow, she would also be sentenced tomorrow,” he explains. “It would just be a hearing. There would be no trial. The judge would just want to hear what I, her probation officer, and the District Attorney have to say.”

Her sentence “could be one day or it could be 45 days,” continues Dustin. “Typically yes it would start immediately, but not necessarily. It’s completely up to the judge.”

As of now, there is no plea deal on the table for Jenelle, but it’s possible that one may still come. “They can offer a plea deal, [but] we have not figured anything out yet,” Dustin shares. “It’s something that I would like to speak with them more about. I just haven’t had the conversation yet with the D.A. office yet. Before a first appearance, we typically don’t discuss what we are trying to do.”

Jenelle has violated probation on two different occasions with a total of four charges, but they will all be grouped together on the same report and will act as one lump charge.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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