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'Bachelor Pad' Star Vienna Girardi Blogs: Why I Freaked Out When Kasey Gave Me A Ring!

Tue, August 23, 2011 1:51pm EDT by 29 Comments

‘Bachelor Pad’ star Vienna Girardi is blogging for, sharing her thoughts about each episode! Read what she says below!

Wow, and just when you thought the Bachelor Pad couldn’t get any more intense…episode three begins. First, Melissa was completely correct in saying she wasn’t the one with Jake; Erica was. Clearly Blake was in the wrong, but if Holly is who he wants to be with, then he should just say it and stop trying to play Melissa.

Holly is a huge flirt, but that strategy works for her and apparently, Erica is seeing that and is stealing her strategy by sticking her tongue down Jake’s throat.

Glad to know that Erica figured out what Jake was like after the show was over, when that “fake” romance never came and saw her.

The challenge: first off,who chose those outfits!? This was my favorite challenge of all! Everyone — ok, minus Erica (lol) — really tried and had fun with it. Poor Erica was not thrilled about this one, but I can tell you she very excited for the next challenge…

Holy crap, the boys killed the girls on this challenge. Michael had such charisma — the other boys didn’t have a chance against him!

Did they just replay Kasey’s first interview when he called Gia a “famewhore who wants all the attention?” Seriously, how many times can they play the same interview?

Hooray! My beautiful Michelle wins! Time to invite the boys on a date and Michelle chooses Graham, Kasey and Blake.

Michael invites, Holly, Ella and me. Sorry about complaining, but Ella and I got bribed with In-N-Out burger to talk about how much the date sucked. Oh wait, you must not have seen that.

The horse back riding was fun but the five hour wait in the limo, then getting kicked off the date after an hour kinda sucked…yay. So upset they they wouldn’t even let Ella meet Brett; Michael and I were pissed for her. I must say I love how they only show me complaining about the heat when ALL three of us girls where.

I’m feeling so bad for Michael right now because he is still so much in love with Holly and she is all about Blake right now.

Michelle and Graham…so, so cute together, but I don’t feel that Graham is ready for a relationship and I don’t want to see my girl Michelle get hurt. It’s very hard for Graham to show his feelings, so we aren’t really sure where he stands with Michelle.

Oh, now Jake wants to play a game. Funny because that’s not what he was doing when he gave me a rose. Think strategy, play the game.

Strategically, Erica and Jake partnering up was pretty funny because they both said they were doing what they needed to do to get ahead in the game.

Fast forward to Kasey and me…a ring and a Kasey song.

First, let me tell you that I love Kasey more than anything but I was scared seeing a ring box because of my last experience being on The Bachelor. I want Kasey and my engagement to be ours — and not for TV. I was very relieved when I found out it was a promise ring because it’s one step closer to our future. Oh, and we all enjoyed that Kasey song too. I had to beg for it though.

Is Erica really doing some G.I. Jane move and spying on Jake and Melissa?! Oh AND Melissa and Michael? Freaking hilarious. Poor melissa has no chance with Princess Erica running her out. Melissa isn’t crazy — she was upset and had someone saying she was doing and saying things that she wasn’t. I’m so proud of my girl Melissa for standing up for herself and being honest. That said, I’m upset that she would talk badly of Kasey and me though, especially after all I ever did was stick up for her.

Meanwhile, it’s upsetting that Jake is comforting Melissa and pretending to care because he needs her vote.

As the show wraps up, there is a cocktail party: Jake gets a few people to vote for Kasey then, they all come to their senses and vote for none other than…!

But for the 1st time in Bachelor Pad history they leave it to be continued…!

Sorry for the anticipation, but did you really think they would let Jake leave that easily? He won the first challenge, ABC saved him the second week and now what will they pull out of their sleeves to keep him here.

What did YOU think of the episode? What do you want to happen next week? I can’t wait to read your thoughts!