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Leemor Says: 5 Reasons You Should See Vera Farmiga’s Directorial Debut ‘Higher Ground’!

Mon, August 22, 2011 4:33pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

This film is a poignant tale of struggle, faith and the battle for something to believe in.

Higher Ground follows Corrine (Vera Farmiga), a woman who gets shoved into her life at a young age, turns to religion and develops a loyal yet questioning perspective on her belief. The movie takes on big questions like the role of women in religion, marriage and the intangible nature of faith. attended the screening hosted by Peggy Siegal and here are the top 5 reasons you should see Higher Ground:
1. Vera Farmiga: She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Performance in Supporting Role playing Alex in Up In The Air alongside George Clooney. Farmiga’s acting is delicate and genuine which translates into her directing skills. Higher Ground is the first ever movie where the actress directed a film– and starred in it no less!

2. Your childhood shapes you: I fell in love with the little girl who played the young Corrine. The film chronicles a lot of her experiences—small things she has seen, fights with her parents, and lessons at church…the movie shows how everything shapes who you are.

3. Dagamara Dominczyk is hilarious: the Poland born actress adds a whole new dimension to the film – whether it’s messing with the cops or drawing sketches of her husband’s man parts – her character, Annika, livens up the whole film.

4. It makes you think: The main character, Corrine, goes through an emotional and spiritual journey that is ever changing. She does not stay stagnant, and her search for her beliefs really makes you think.

5. It makes you laugh: Sure, the movie takes on important topics but that doesn’t mean it takes itself too seriously. Though there are moments that make you cry, there are also times when the theater erupted in laughter. Vera really focused in on the small moments in life and found humor in them.

— Leemor Nir