Sofia Says: 5 Reasons To See 'Fright Night' This Friday Night!

Fri, August 19, 2011 10:21am EST by Add first Comment

Vampire lovers, I’ve got another for you — get ready!

The vampire craze has swept the nation and though you think you may have seen it all at this point– you have seen nothing yet! There are no “vegetarian” vampires, or lovestruck teenagers here! Click to read why this sassy horror flick is the perfect movie to bring your next date too — so you have the perfect reason to hold onto him of course!

  • The sexy Irish badass is back, and by that I could only be talking about Colin Farrell– duh! I am not sure where he has been the past few years– probably boozing and fighting in some pub (love him for that), but I am happy to report he is back and this time in 3D!
  • This is no Twilight, Vampire Diaries, or even True Blood! As romantic as the idea of having a blood sucking predator fall for you for eternity, which they do in those vampire stories, the creators always seem to forget one small thing– they are dealing with freaking V-A-M-P-I-R-E-S! Vampires are strong, fast, oh and they drink blood for a living, not so romantic! Fright Night is the first flick that actually touches on the fact that they are not nice people so strop trying to fall in love with them!
  • The flick is a remake from 1985, but instead of modernizing the story to make it relevant to the horror movies of today it was directed as a parody, making it totally cliche but hilarious and amazing at the same time! One of the best lines of the movie is when Charley’s (Anton Yelchin) childhood friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) informs him that his neighbor is a vampire, to which Charley goes– “Jerry? That is a terrible vampire name.” I mean I agree with you Charley, I always thought vampires had to have very proper names like Stefan or Edward by default!
  • McLovin is in the movie– enough said!
  • Underneath all of the blood, guts, and trying to kill creatures of the dead, there is a heartfelt story of a loser who becomes cool when he ditches all of his childhood friends, only to realize if  he hadn’t, he probably would have been more prepared to take on Jerry the vampire.

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