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Anderson Cooper Has A Hilarious Case Of The Giggles! If You Don't Laugh While Watching This, You Have No Soul.

Thu, August 18, 2011 6:01pm EDT by 6 Comments

Anderson Cooper couldn’t control himself while reporting on how Gerard Depardieu peed on a plane, and his fit of laughter brought me to tears. You HAVE to watch this!

I’m not big on watching funny videos. I don’t know if that’s a reflection of my sense of humor or if it just stems from an aggrandized sense of how important my time is, but it’s just not something I do. But I have to tell you, this Anderson Cooper video has me in hysterics. Like uncontrollable hysterical laughter that had me crying in the office and howling so loud my coworkers looked at me like I needed to be institutionalized. Anderson Cooper lost it last night during his “The Ridiculist” segment of Anderson Cooper 360, when he told the story of French actor Gerard Depardieu throwing a pissy hissy fit and peeing in public on a plane.

Gerard reportedly peed on the floor of a plane on Tuesday after a flight attendant told him he wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom. Anderson went through a string of puns to describe the incident — seriously, I didn’t even know this many pee puns existed — and laughed a few times as he joked about “Incontinental Airlines” and “thespians thes-peeing.” He truly lost all semblance of control when saying, “All I have to say is they should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t Depar-two.”

As someone who has experienced the giggles many times in my life, I empathize with Anderson’s lack of control and incessant laughing. I also joined him in laughter and tears because, as you will see while watching this, his giddiness is beyond infectious. We all know how it feels to gasp for air between laughs and wipe tears from our eyes but it’s even more precious to see such a renowned reporter do so on an international platform.

“This has never actually happened to me,” he manages to spit out, which made for an even funnier moment. “You see this on Youtube and you don’t think it will actually happen to you.”

Well Anderson, it just did. And I thank you for it.