Kate Gosselin Doesn't Regret Bashing Jon On TLC Tell-All & Reveals: 'Kids & I Have Been Through Hell'!

Tue, August 16, 2011 12:19pm EST by 11 Comments

Kate made sure to dig at Jon during her hour-long ‘Kate Plus 8′ special — and it had some of her Twitter followers disgusted!

Kate Gosselin says before you judge her, get your facts straight. The mom-of-eight’s long running TLC reality show was officially canceled on Aug. 15 and coincidentally her Kate Tells All special happened to air the very same day. In the episode, Kate slammed Jon and this enraged her Twitter followers who felt it was unfair and that she divulged too much.

“@Truth_Teller201 Yeah. Acts like I aired ALL the garbage,” Kate tweeted to one of her followers. “Has no idea the hell the kids and I have been thru. Not worth my time or energy.”

Here’s the comment that started the Twitter war: “@kateplusmy8 The opposite of love is apathy. Hatred, bitterness,& anger are close cousins to love. Your feelings for Jon are still strong.”

Kate immediately responded: “@JensOpinion I’m afraid you got that one very wrong! Thanks for your opinion tho :) Lots u don’t know about….”

The Twitter follower went on to tell Kate it’s apparent she’s not over Jon — this enraged the reality star: “@JensOpinion U can have ur opinion but2state it w/o having all the facts(like I do)is inappropriate. If only u new what we’ve been thru!!!”

Do you think Kate’s anger towards Jon stems from something we don’t know about?

— Chloe Melas

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Posted at 3:06 AM on August 18, 2011  

P.S. Whatever happened to that ridiculous show “Twist of Kate” that was on a few times? I never watched it, and in fact I do not remember ever seeing it in the listings. Hopefully that show is done and over with, too.

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Posted at 6:34 PM on August 17, 2011  

She is the one that let “fame” go to her head. I don’t believe for a minute of the gone through hell. She brought any perceived hell upon herself. She decided the marriage was over, she wanted to continue the show. So was lazy, wanting Jon home taking care of the kids instead of holding down a job. As soon as she got a taste of the TLC money, she quit her weekend nursing job. Now she has a mortgage on a house that is worth half of what they bought it for. She’s underwater on the house. I am sure Jon has a lot more horrid stories to tell on Kate and her abusive and scams. How much money did they scam from churches and neighbors when they had plenty of money in the bank. She didn’t want to spend her own money (inheritance from Jon’s dad). Jon has taken the high road on keeping pretty much mum on Kate. I can’t wait for his book. He will probably wait until the kids are older and can understand about their delusional mother. Her on the other hand does not take into consideration that this is their father she chooser to trash. She crew up trash – she will end up trash. As soon as the kids get a legal voice – they are out of their. I just hope that have some money left. Jon should petition the court for freezing any accounts the kids have. If she can’t pay bills or private school – then change schools. The money is better spent on college years.

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Posted at 6:24 PM on August 17, 2011  

Kate is insane. SHE is the one that ended the marriage, not Jon. Jon wanted marriage counseling; she refused. Then Jon did what Kate probably told him to do – found someone else better! That is what EVERY separated or divorced father does. I suspect Kate had already cheated on Jon. There is something wrong with that woman. After all that, then she decided to blame it all on Jon and act like he was doing something WRONG because he dated after they were separated. It is likely that what Kate meant when she said “we don’t know what she went through” is that she thought Jon would continue to take her crap, grovel, and he probably told her exactly what the thought of her disgusting behavior and the kind of mother and wife he thought she was. She humiliated all of them on TV by treating them like worthless bothers. For some reason, Kate thinks the entire world OWES her and her kids something because they were born as sextuplets. So what? Why do they deserve anything more than any other kids do? She didn’t even conceive them naturally. It was IVF, and there are lots of multiples now, who are growing up in families with dignity and loving parenting. Kate’s Valley Girl speech and incorrect grammar make her look like an idiot. She speaks in questions that she then answers. I have not watched her on TV in a long time, becausee the way she flirts with all men on the show is just embarassing.

The show stopped being about her kids a long time ago. No one wants to watch a show about HER. Who is interested in a middle-aged overly tanned, wrinkled, crabby, narcissist? No one. We can see those everywhere.

Kate, your children don’t deserve all the things they got for free that you claim was due to them any more than any other kids do. You have a nursing degree, and nursing can provide a more than adequate income for you and your children, especially since you already own a house and have millions. It’s enough of you already. Give your kids some of your time and love, and go back to work. Although, frankly, I wouldn’t consider you to have enought tenderness or care to be a nurse.

And if anyone wants to say, meaning you, Kate, that I don’t have any idea what you went through, guess what? I raised EIGHT children on my own when my ex-husband deserted me. I worked three jobs to keep a home and take care of them, and I STILL had time to love my kids. And their father never, ever, ever had them for even one day of visitation, and I had absolutely no outside help. My 13 year old son took on the burden of looking after them, becasue I had no money for sitters. So STOP WHINING and acting about how you have been through Hell. You have absolutely no idea what Hell is, unless you look in the mirror and see inside your personality.

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Posted at 9:20 PM on August 16, 2011  

Big problem with your article and your sources. Kate did not tweet what you stated in the artice. You better check yourself before you write such an article. Kate never stated this: “Yeah. Acts like I aired ALL the garbage”
How can you print this kind of garbage and make stuff up just to twist some kind of sick and hateful story? Journalism at it’s worst!

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Posted at 10:06 PM on August 16, 2011  

Yes- she did tweet that:

Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
@Truth_Teller201 Yeah. Acts like I aired ALL the garbage. Has no idea the hell the kids and I have been thru. Not worth my time or energy.
12 hours ago

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Posted at 11:01 AM on August 17, 2011  

The writer of this article sounds as angry as the people here who wrote these over the top angry comments.
I am searching for hollybaby sponsors to say I will not buy from any who support this unhealthy and sick hate and bashing constantly done here. Its time for people to act responsibly and for those like Jen to understand kindness. I read the whole interchange.Jen started in on Kate Gosselin with a ugly vengeance. Don’t know why she thinks shes involved but the deal is unbelievable and this site obviously is run for money in an ugly way

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Speaking of Anger..

Posted at 11:38 AM on August 17, 2011  

the above comment is representative of the average Kate fan.

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Posted at 5:40 PM on August 17, 2011  

Katie, Jaime, Steve…is that you?! If it is, so sad to be you. REMEMBER Katie Irene Kreider stated, it was a MUTUAL agreement to separate Oct 2008. Jon wanted to stop filming b/c he wanted his privacy BUT your idol did not want to stop. She decided to become the uber-pimp-Momster, selling the children’s privacy for your entertainment. Idol worshippers STOLE the children’s childhood. And guess what, they will never get that time back again.

Katie’s followers have dropped to an all time low. Go ahead, contact the sponsors. Your numbers are so low, you’re insignificant. Katie needs your support, she’s curled up in a fetal position on the floor. Alone with her aloness…because that’s the way she wanted it.

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Posted at 7:26 PM on August 16, 2011  

Kate is a very bad mommy. She has lots of anger issues and hurts her kids with all this crap she does and says. I think she loves Jon and is jealous that he has someone and she doesn’t. She made so many nasty faces last night. Does she even see that ? She says her kids want her to date and get married and then the kids interview shows half of them saying no and I don’t want a new daddy. Kids can be kids now and Kate can go work at the hospital. The more time she spends working and away from the kids the better for them.

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Save the 8

Posted at 5:13 PM on August 16, 2011  

K-Hate is a narcissistic venomous shrew as evidenced by her appalling behavior and treatment of her family on tv.
Pretty is an pretty does and she has repeatedly shown her true colors by defaming and maligning Jon at every opportunity. Her kids love their father, she should respect that and stop defiling that bond while trying to garner brownie points for herself at the expense of her kids.

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HI 50

Posted at 1:46 PM on August 16, 2011  

No, the fame whore’s anger stems from Jon NOT wanting to perpetuate a LIE after their renewal vow ceremony in Hawaii. She ADMITS he did not want to continue the show, that was probably the hell she’s talking about. She went on tour with Steve, Jon was uncomfortable with another man traveling around the country with his wife (he admits) but the fame whore chose Steve over Jon. When the kids are older, the truth will be revealed who was the uber hellish parent. My guess, Katie Irene Kreider.

She’s a pathological liar blaming her b!tchy behaviors on media. Didn’t she ADMIT, numerous times, “what you see is what you get?” “We have the realest reality show…” Momster spun a web of lie she just can’t pull herself out of!

If there is another story, maybe Jon can tell the truth once the Gosselin’s are released from the TLC contract.

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