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Sarah & Neil Say: Gender Reveal Parties Are NOT For Us — We'll Pass On The Cake! How About You?

Tue, August 16, 2011 4:26pm EDT by 7 Comments

Gender reveal parties are all the rage nowadays, where the parents-to-be plan a party based around a blue or pink cake that will reveal whether the baby is a boy or a girl. HollyBaby bloggers Sarah & Neil are not interested!

In Sarah & Neil‘s minds, these parties are not only absolutely absurd, but they just add more unnecessary stress in the lives of a pregnant couple! Who wants their baker knowing the sex of their baby before THEY even know? Read on to find out Sarah & Neil’s top 10 reasons why this so-called “party” is anything but a celebration.

As I was busily slaving away in the kitchen the other day (ahem?), Sarah asked me what my thoughts were on a Gender Reveal Party, as it was apparently a trend. Even though I typically adhere strictly to my policy of “Agree to whatever the pregnant lady is saying and be damned by the consequences later.” I later Googled “gender reveal party” and was stunned by the amount of information available. The name itself is quite self-explanatory; it’s more the concept that baffles me, and why someone thought this was necessary in the first place. My first reaction was that this was some kind of Hallmark holiday, dreamed up by the PR department of the Royal and Fraternal Order of American Bakers, something along the lines of “Take your Cat to Work Day.”

I feel bad enough having a baby shower (or 2) and asking my friends for gifts. I’m sure they are receiving invitations thinking, “Didn’t I just buy them a wedding gift!?” But when the topic of a Gender Reveal Party came up Neil and I scratched our heads and wondered not only why people would do this, but also who on earth would want to attend. I know these parties are becoming a growing trend, but I’m not giving birth to the next prince of England, (just a child I plan on marrying into that family) so does anyone else REALLY care what we’re having?

Here are our top 10 reasons why we WONT be having one of these parties:

10. HE SAID: Sarah has two baby showers planned already. I assume that is fairly typical among expectant mothers. Enough already.

9. SHE SAID: Doing this means that I will have to hold an envelope filled with important information in my hand for at least an hour while taking it to the baker. When Indiana Jones finds the holy grail does he just walk around with it for an hour. No!

8. HE SAID: I’m just about OK with our doctor and his nurse knowing the gender of our baby seconds before we do – I cannot say the same of the bloke behind the counter of our local Baskin Robbins.

7. SHE SAID: I would have to take time out of my day (which is already too filled with eating, napping and adding items to the baby registry) to find a bakery that does this and organize the event

6. HE SAID: I honestly would be just as happy with either a girl or a boy, I just hope that the baby is healthy, and I don’t think that’s corny. But what if I had a strong preference for a boy for example – would I be expected to feign joy in front of friends and family on hearing it was a girl, or is it OK to eat my pink cake with a face of disappointment?

5. SHE SAID: I will have to spend time making and meeting new friends as all my current friends will suddenly become “committed to a dinner party” “swamped at work” or “out of office” once they get this invite. NONE OF MY FRIENDS WOULD COME TO THIS!

4. HE SAID: What portions of the food triangle are covered by pink and blue cake?

3. SHE SAID: Although I am “eating for two” one of them is 5’2 and very inactive right now, the other is not a sumo wrestler. This will be a problem when an entire cake is left sitting on my counter that will “need to be eaten”

2. HE SAID: I would love to hear how low the excuses from my mates would go in order to get out of this one. Sometimes it’s difficult enough to get these guys out to Brooklyn with the promise of all the free food and free beer they can handle.

1. SHE SAID: Although my husband has been an incredible support system through all of this… I know that if, god forbid, we ever got divorced his argument for keeping the apartment would be “I even participated in a Gender Reveal party, that alone should entitle me to everything.”

–Sarah Main and Neil Eggleton

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