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Michael Says: Five Reasons To See: '30 Minutes Or Less'!

Tue, August 16, 2011 2:38pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

Get to the theaters quick before this film explodes!

30 Minutes Or Less opened this past weekend and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Nick, a pizza delivery boy who is kidnapped by two thugs, Dwayne and Travis, played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson, who strap him with a bomb and force him to rob a bank.  Nick calls on the help of his best friend, Chet, played by the hilarious Aziz Ansari, to get $100,000 to his captors before time runs out.  Here are five reasons why you cannot miss 30 Minutes Or Less:

1.  Danny McBride as Travis: Fans and newcomers of Danny McBride will not be disappointed – Danny channels his “Kenny Powers” persona as the mean, crude, cursing criminal who needs $100,000 in order to pay a hit man to kill his father.  Anything this man says will have you laughing off your seat!

2.  Jesse Eisenberg: Jesse is known for playing the witty, intelligent leads in films such as Zombieland, Adventureland, and The Social Network, for which he gained Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for Best Actor.  Even as a poor, lazy pizza boy in 30 Minutes Or Less, Jesse is able to make you believe that he is really smarter than he seems.

3.  The Action: For a movie about bombs, there’s no lack in the explosions department.  You’ll see bombs being set off by men in monkey suits, a high speed car chase, and other grand explosions mixed in with dark humor.

4.  The Perfect ‘Monday-Night Movie:’ 30 Minutes Or Less clocks in at just 83 minutes – which makes it the perfect movie to see on a Monday night while still trying to recover from the weekend and get ready for the busy week ahead.

5.  Real Life Humor: Although the film pokes fun at a very serious and real-life situation, there are so many jokes about things that we encounter so much in our daily schedules – like Netflix movies that we’ve had for over a month, 3D effects in movies, and pizza-delivery situations – there is so much to laugh about!

— Michael Emer