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Jewel Releases 'The Merry Goes Round' — Lullabies And Sing-Alongs For Kids! Listen!

Sun, August 14, 2011 10:00am EDT by 1 Comment

Country star Jewel gave birth four weeks ago to her first baby, Kase Townes, and is heavily focused on motherhood!

Jewel spends her free time in her at-home recording studio making lullabies and sing-alongs for kids. Her first track, Supermarket Song, has already been released! Those who order her CD, The Merry Goes Round, now will receive copies by the release date on August 16! 

“I’ve got a lot of freedom with these” family albums, Jewel tells “I can write what I feel like. They don’t have to be a certain genre or anything, really. I don’t have to think about singles or airplay. That’s liberating in a lot of ways. I just thought about things I’d like my son to learn — going into a room and using your imagination, not to be afraid of the dark, little lessons like that. So it’s definitely a different mindset and creatively very fulfilling.”

Next week we will hear about another featured single, “Just Like Penguins Do.” She loves the “Honky Tonk/Dixieland” vibes the songs possess. The entire experience has been challenging for Jewel, which we see on this album.

“The cool thing about this album and (‘Lullaby’) is that it’s not the traditional model of, ‘We want to sell a million albums up front,’ ” Jewel notes. “They look at it as a 10-year plan. ‘Lullaby’ is almost at half a million records (sold) with no promotion. It’s a fun model. It doesn’t take a lot of promotion or massive tours of duty out there. You can do one or two things and the record hopefully sells itself by word of mouth.”

Will you buy the album, Hollymoms? Listen to a preview below!

–Amber Belus

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