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What Made Kristen Stewart Love Bella More Than Anything Else? Find Out!

Thu, August 11, 2011 1:12pm EDT by 3 Comments

Kristen Stewart revealed what she liked best about Bella’s character in ‘Breaking Dawn’ — and it has to do with fighting Edward!

Bella Swan isn’t known for being a strong, independent woman in the first few books/movies of The Twilight Saga, but with Breaking Dawn we see a much more empowered vampire, and we’re not just talking about how she becomes a vampire. Kristen Stewart revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she really liked Bella’s attitude in the latest installment of the Twilight movies. Find out why!

Kristen loved how “defiant” Bella is against Edward about her pregnancy, and how she stands up to him!

When speaking about the pregnancy, Robert Pattinson and Kristen agreed this is their first big conflict as a couple (not counting Jacob). “It shows a little negative part of Edward’s character. He deals with it in such a thoughtless way, and he lets his fear turn into anger. It was quite nice to play,” explained Rob. “They shock each other. For a saga which is about eternal, undying love that nothing can touch, suddenly…” Kristen interrupts her boyfriend. “There’s one thing that can.”

“That was fun to play,” Kristen continued. “Bella’s always liked him and liked everything he said and thought; everything he did was right. This is something that she clearly disagrees with. She doesn’t mindlessly and blindly follow him. She was always kind of defiant. I like that.”

It was definitely a turning point for Edward and Bella, and one we also loved about the book! We can’t wait to see everything play out in the movie!

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