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Nikki Reed 'Gives A Sh*t' Enough To Voice Her Opinion!

Thu, August 11, 2011 6:14pm EDT by HL Intern 1 Comment

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The ‘Twilight’ star is letting one rip for her newly endorsed organization, ‘Give A Sh*t.’

It’s something that no man ever wants to think about, but now with the help of Nikki Reed and the global-awareness organization, Give A Sh*t, we are forced to confront our biggest fear: women DO poop.  And now whenever you see your wife, girlfriend, or other female companion tweet or Facebook about current events, you’ll know exactly what they were doing at the time of said posting: pooping.

Nikki has teamed up with Give A Sh*t to gain support for the stinky social networking-promoted service in a new video.  The organization, Give A Sh*t, encourages people to advocate and voice out their opinions about the current issues that are stirring our world — from the economy and London riots, to the 2012 presidential race and media-hackers — all while they’re making a number two.

Be sure to check out Nikki’s video and voice your opinion about other Twilight news (please refrain from telling us that you are pooping).

— Michael Emer

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