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Edward Cullen Vs Harry Potter: Who Do You Think Would Win In A Fight? Vote!

Thu, August 11, 2011 4:55pm EDT by 10 Comments

Jamie Campbell Bower has been in both ‘The Twilight Saga’ and ‘Harry Potter’ and he throws his vote in for who would win in a fight! Do you agree with him?

Jamie Campbell Bower is one lucky actor! He’s starred in The Twilight Saga as Caius and Harry Potter as Gellert Grindelwald. What an amazing set of movies to be a part of! InStyle asked the actor who would win in a battle between Team Twilight and Team Potter. Find out his answer!

“Now, I got asked this question the other day, but if it was just the two leads – Edward vs Harry. I said Edward would win in that situation, because once you get the wand out of Harry’s hand, he’s dead.,” explains Jamie.

“But, you’ve thrown a new dynamic into it because if it was a team battle, honestly then, I don’t know. I probably have to say the vampires again, they do move at super speed but the other guys have wands and you can stand back, you don’t have to get so close. Who knows? It’s a debate that philosophers have been thinking about for years now!”

Do you agree with Jamie that Edward would beat Harry? Or do you think that Mr. Potter has a chance against the vampire? Fight it out in your comments below and vote on our poll!

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