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Family's Fury After 14-Month-Old Baby Is Wrongly Cremated Against Their Religious Beliefs!

Thu, August 11, 2011 2:39pm EDT by 1 Comment

A mix-up meant the parents of Jaylen Talley were left with no body to bury after his tragic and premature death.

Jaylen Talley died after battling a chronic illness for all of his short life, but was cremated A DAY BEFORE his family planned to bury him, when the wrong body was released by the coroner. Absolutely devastating!

“It was like losing him all over again,” Jaylen’s grandma Paula Hall says, describing the moment they discovered the mistake.

His parents wanted to see him one more time.”

The Talley family, from Ohio, who oppose cremation on religious grounds, have been awarded $50,000 for the mix-up, which took place last year.

The error also meant the family of 22-day-old Chase Fine held a funeral for the WRONG baby — they mourned and cremated Jaylen instead of their own tragic tot!

The Fines been given $18,500 compensation.

Although this terrible accident stemmed from a coroner’s mistake — the funeral home responsible for cremating Jaylen has had its license suspended for six months.

— Ian Garland

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