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'Switched At Birth' Summer Finale Recap: Bay's Father Returns & Emmett Makes His Choice!

Wed, August 10, 2011 12:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

What an intense ending! What do you think will happen when the show returns in January?

On the season finale of Switched at Birth, Emmett tried to decide whom he should be with, Bay or Daphne. Meanwhile, Regina tried to open her own hair salon, but wasn’t able to because she has a bad credit history. Wilke and Toby got a chance to open for Cold War Kids, but needed Emmett as a drummer. And most importantly, Angelo Sorrento, Bay’s biological father, came back into the picture! He told Mr. Kennish he has information proving the nurses at Bay and Daphne’s hospital were working thirty-six hours overtime the night they were switched.

I think that Emmett should stay with Bay. They get along so well and, as he said, he’s been waiting around for Daphne their entire lives and she’s never reciprocated his feelings. I think he made the right decision when he decided to go back to Bay, even after kissing Daphne. When he spoke with his voice the first time to Bay, it was so cute! Daphne needs to lay off, especially after making her declaration at the end of the episode. Yes, it was a mistake for Bay to make Daphne dump Liam, but she apologized. Daphne has to realize she lost her chance to get together with Emmett and live with the consequences.

I also think Emmett made the right decision when he agreed to drum for Wilke and Toby’s gig. He needs to branch out and make friends outside of the deaf community. I think it will be a good experience for him to chill with two hearing guys, especially since they’re all aiming for the same success with the band.

And I was so happy to finally meet Angelo! I thought it was a bit rude and impulsive of Mr. Kennish not to let Bay see him at first. It’s her business and her father and even though Mr. Kennish might feel replaced he has to understand what Angelo must mean to Bay. It’s pretty selfish of him not to let Bay see him.

I also thought it was inconsiderate of Daphne to say she had a problem with Angelo coming back in everyone’s life. I understand her point of view, but he is Bay’s father and the biological daughter has a right to see him and care about him.

However, I was a little freaked out by the ending, when he tells Regina he wants to start a new life with her. Does he want money from the hospital case? It sure sounds like it from the new nurse information he seems to have obtained. I hope he’s a good guy though, for Bay’s sake.

I can’t wait for the next season!

— Flora Collins