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'Grey's Anatomy' Shocker: There's A New Chief Of Surgery And It's Not Who It Should Be!

Wed, August 10, 2011 9:30pm EDT by 5 Comments

Spoiler alert! Dr. Richard Webber is stepping down as Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace and you’ll be shocked to find out who replaces him!

April winning the spot for Chief Resident in Grey’s Anatomy‘s last season finale shocked many fans, and the residents of Seattle Grace themselves. Our sister site reveals there’s even more shocking news! Dr. Richard Webber will apparently be stepping down as Chief of Surgery, with a new person in his place. So who is it?

Owen Hunt! I’m sorry, what!?

“He’s as surprised as anybody else about this. And he’s nervous about it,” Kevin McKidd told TVLine yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Hunt. I mean, what’s not to love? He’s sexy, he has amazing chemistry with Cristina (Sandra Oh), he fought in the war, he is quick on his feet and he’s super masculine. Plus he had serious emotional issues which, let’s face it, can be a total turn on if you’re the “let me fix you” type.

But for Chief of Surgery? First of all, Derek was always promised this spot. I understand that things are more complicated now, what with the PTSD and what happened the last time he was Chief. Plus, he’s (involuntarily) involved with what happened with Meredith and Adele and the Alzheimer’s trial, which is the reason Webber steps down in the two hour season premiere of Grey’s on Sept. 22. So I guess I get why Derek can’t do it. (Also he may not be with us much longer.) But is Hunt the best choice?

Personally, I think Hunt should stay in the trauma unit where he belongs, and frankly, where he excels. He told Cristina in the season finale that he didn’t pick her because he thought the administrative duties that come with being Chief Resident would stifle her, and she would hate it. Won’t that be the same for him? Kevin McKidd acknowledges this saying, “He’s a man of action, really, and the head of trauma surgery — that’s what he knows. Suddenly, he’s in a more administrative position. I think the way he deals with that is going to be interesting. People give him a hard time. It’s not going to be easy for Owen being the chief in the aftermath of Richard Webber.”

So who would I pick for Chief of Surgery? Miranda Bailey. The Chief has already told Bailey she’d be Chief of Surgery one day, and the only reason she wasn’t chosen to pick out the Chief Resident was because she couldn’t be unbiased, claiming they were all her “babies” and asking that she not have to choose between her babies. But head of surgery? That, I have no question Miranda can handle, even if she is younger/less experienced than her colleagues. She was after all, only at resident level when the show began.

Regardless of whether or not Hunt is the best person for the job, I will enjoy seeing Cristina and Owen interact with his new promotion. Especially if it factors into whether or not she’ll keep the baby. Kevin says she’s “excited for him on level [but] there’s so much more going on in Cristina and Owen’s life that this in a way adds another layer of complication for them.”

I’d say.

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