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Whoever Says Maternity Jeans Aren't Trendy Is WRONG!

Tue, August 9, 2011 4:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

So, the time came for HollyBaby blogger Sarah to cave in and buy herself some maternity jeans. Turns out she’s not the one who hates them — her husband Neil is!

No, it’s not the stretchy band that bothers Neil, it’s the price! His wife’s bump may be showing, but that doesn’t mean he’s excited — get ready for the credit card bills to come rollin’ in!

Don’t tell Sarah, but she is beginning to look pregnant! I say this carefully, because although she has been saying that she has been getting fat for the past four months (and she is in her 18th week now), we’ve been married long enough for me to know that this is a trick. The moment I openly agree with her, I’ll never hear the end of it.
So even though she looks as beautiful as ever and I’ve always thought she has the best legs, I’ve started to notice the first tell-tale signs.
Sarah was going to be all about the cute summer dresses and the floaty tops, but this weekend saw the first coming of something she never envisioned — maternity jeans. I found them lurking over the back of a chair, looking like a regular pair of skinny jeans, but when I picked them up, there was the additional stretchy fabric tucked on top.
I was afraid that the pregnancy, and more particularly her changing body-shape, was going to entail a whole new wardrobe, which in turn was going to breathe new life into her (excuse me, MY) credit cards. Fashion stores throughout the state were rubbing their hands together in expectation of the uptick in revenues, and Standard & Poor’s were considering maintaining the country’s AAA credit rating, until they heard of her latest investment — a secondhand sewing machine.
And then there’s the bump! It’s there, and it demands attention. She’s not at the point where strangers are walking up to her and touching her belly yet — she’s in that stage where people are not sure whether she is pregnant or just been dodging the salad bar lately — but she likes to have her belly rubbed and touched by me.
The reward is that I have felt the presence of the baby — our little one has just started to kick…
I refuse to throw massive amounts of money at clothes I will only wear for three to six months. I would rather spend that money on shoes I wear once a year. That being said the idea of maternity clothes never really appealed to me. I figured I could make it through the summer in sundresses and American Apparel Leggings, and for the record I was doing just fine. But then one day the skinny jeans wouldn’t button and I knew I was in trouble.
My first solution: Wear pajamas all day. This proved to work for the first day (a Saturday) but I realized business meetings would not work well in this attire.
Solution 2: The Belly Band for those of you who know about this product, it’s supposed to go over your jeans so you can wear them unbuttoned and no one will know. PEOPLE KNOW. This was not the solution I was looking for.
So I went with Solution 3: Caving in and buying maternity pants. I walked into Motherhood Maternity expecting to hate everything in there…. The sad truth was they had some pretty cute stuff! I ended up trying on everything from designer to bargain brands and the jeans were really cute. Anyone who has ever made the transition will agree with me. When you put the first pair of maternity pants on it’s a big sigh of “ahhhhh where have THESE been all my life!?”