'16 And Well Adjusted' Makes Fun Of '16 And Pregnant'! Hilarious Or Mean?

Tue, August 9, 2011 10:45pm EST by 1 Comment

Check out this hilarious parody that pokes fun at one of MTV’s hit shows ’16 And Pregnant’! Tell us if you think it’s funny or if it goes too far!

MTV has received a lot of criticism for its controversial shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Many people are outraged that the programs promote teen pregnancy by making celebrities out of young mothers, while others see it as a cautionary tale educating teens about the unglamorous reality of being a teen mom. AOL made a video spoof about the recent rise in popularity of teenage pregnancy, and even tough it had us in stitches, we kind of felt bad for our favorite teen moms!

16 and Well Adjusted was shot in the same style as 16 and Pregnant, and follows a teen girl who feels like an outcast for not being pregnant. She gets judged for going to college, feels like a loser for having a healthy relationship with her family, and fights with her boyfriend about not having the stress of finding a job. The video even takes a jab at TLC’s show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant when her best friend’s water breaks in the middle of class.

The short video is a comedic masterpiece, but it’s also very critical of young mothers. While being a teen mom is not an aspiration any girl should have, it’s an unfortunate reality and not a funny situation at all. As a loyal16 and Pregnant franchise fans, we got more than a good laugh from the parody but also found ourselves feeling bad for our favorite teen moms.

That said, there is something funny about the irony that being “well adjusted” is going out of style, and pretty soon all 18-year-old boys will be jumping with joy when they hear the news they’re going to be minimum-wage earning fathers. Tell us what YOU thought of 16 and Well Adjusted! Did you think it was hilarious or kind of cruel?

Nicole Fukuoka

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Posted at 6:05 AM on August 10, 2011  

Personally I dont know why anyone watches these programs and “likes” them. I find all the teens wretched, and pity the poor children who call them “mother”. The programs are distateful at best and glorify the terrible attitudes of these girls. The “poor me, I had a baby too young so im going to be a snot nosed brat about it” personality of most of these girls is too much to stand. What about showing young girls who made sucsess of themselves despite having children at a young age and having to work twice as hard? I’d root a lot more for a girl working, raising a baby, and still making straight A’s and gettting a college scholarship than a brat who yells at her mom for making her get off her lazy but and take care of her own child…

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