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Octomom Bashes Casey Anthony: 'I'd Die For My Kids, She Makes Me Sick!' But Is She Fit To Preach?

Thu, August 4, 2011 11:02am EDT by 2 Comments

The mother of 14 is hardly mom-of-the-year material, but she insists newly-free Casey is the lowest of the low!

Nadya Suleman has attacked accused child killer Casey Anthony in a new interview, suggesting she must be mentally unstable to neglect her tragic two-year-old daughter Caylee. Is she entitled to preach about motherhood?

“I would die for my children,” Nadya tells Steppin Out Magazine.

“The whole (Casey Anthony) case makes me nauseous. It makes me sick.”

Last month, Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY of murdering Caylee, back in 2008 — but Octomom is sure she’s guilty of being a bad mom.

She adds, “The thought that Casey Anthony would even entertain the idea of harming her child makes me sick.”

“I don’t have all the facts, but I’ve worked with the mentally disabled for many years before having kids. I worked with sociopaths and psychopaths in a mental hospital and in my opinion Casey Anthony is not emotionally stable.”

“If something happened and she really did do something to her child I believe it would be related to her mental illness.”

Remember, this is all coming from a woman who was captured on tape saying her kids are “disgusting!’

We’re hardly Casey Anthony supporters — but is Nadya fit to criticize another mom?

Weigh in, HollyMoms!

— Ian Garland

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