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Fan Rushes At Avril Lavigne On-Stage At Her Concert! How Scary!

Thu, August 4, 2011 8:46pm EDT by 8 Comments
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Fans coming dangerously close performers is almost a common occurence lately–from Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber to the latest victim, Avril Lavigne. This is getting out of control!

Avril Lavigne and the rest of her band were beginning a song during their live act August 2 when a fan came on-stage. He ran across the stage toward Avril before security escorted him away, but not before we heard a scary shriek from Avril!

Avril was visibly shaken by the unwanted advance, screaming into her microphone and jumping out of the way. “Stalkers,” she said to the crowd, brushing it off afterwards. “Let’s try this again,” she added, and restarted the song.

The incident came just as the singer was playing the intro to her cover of Coldplay‘s “Fix You” as a special treat for her fans in Brazil. When seeing this clip, you may be overcome with déjà vu–but your mind isn’t fooling you — it has indeed happened before.

Rewind back to June 24 of this year, when a fan in Australia ran on stage and even touched Miley Cyrus before security rushed her offstage. Avril, however, immediately stayed on once the fan was detained.

Back on June 23, what is now known to be an undercover cop jumped over a fence and tackled Justin Bieber to the ground. What if the person was not undercover, and instead a serious attacker? Are big-name celebrities putting their safety and well-being in danger by being out in public?

Avril, Miley, and Justin are all safe and sound after their close encounters with complete strangers, but someone in the future may not be as fortunate.

HollyoodLifers, do YOU think Avril was put in danger when a fan approached her onstage?

-Josh DeMilta