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Now The Tooth Fairy Is Hit By The Recession — Kids Are Getting 40 Percent Less Cash For Their Pearly Whites!

Wed, August 3, 2011 12:32pm EDT by Add first Comment

The average child now finds $2.60 under their pillow after losing a baby tooth, that’s down from $3 in 2010!

America’s economy is so bad, even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the pinch — a new survey reveals a sharp decline in how much kids are given ‘per tooth!’ How much do your kids get?

Ten percent of children get no reward at all when they loose a baby tooth — up from six percent in 2010 — according to the figures compiled by Visa.

And the economy is to blame!

Kids are expected to have a full set of 20 adult teeth by the time they turn three — by which time they’ll have cost the Tooth Fairy or their parents (if you’re a non-believer!) an average of around $60! That’s a lot of money!

Does this surprise you HollyMoms? Are YOUR kids visited by the tooth fairy? If so, how much do they get per-tooth?

— Ian Garland

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