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'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci & Ryan's Vicious Fight Over Bentley's Custody, Amber Afraid To Take Leah & More!

Wed, August 3, 2011 5:17am EDT by 2 Comments

It was a series of ‘Teen Mom’ nightmares and setbacks as Bentley’s 2nd birthday turned into a Ryan/Maci tug of war, and Farrah’s culinary school dreams dashed.

MTV’s favorite babies are growing up before our eyes, and now their Teen Moms are learning how to live independently while providing the best futures for their children. On August 2, Catelynn Lowell looked for her first job, Amber Portwood searched for new living arrangements, Maci Bookout fought with Ryan Edwards over Bentley’s birthday, and Farrah Abraham struggled with finishing culinary school.

Now that Catelynn and Tyler have moved out on their own, they had to find a way to pay rent. Catelynn discovered that job hunting was harder than she expected when she showed up to her first interview without a resume. Tyler was lucky and landed the first job he applied for at a pizza parlor and after much anticipation Catelynn finally found out she got the job at the boutique.

With Amber and Gary’s relationship up in the air, Amber moved out and started looking for a new house to rent. Amber was upset because she was being harassed by her neighbors and wanted to find a safer place to live, but because she didn’t have a license Gary had complete control over when and where she could see Leah. Amber was disappointed because on Halloween she couldn’t even take her daughter trick-or-treating because she feared she would be attacked. Things started to look up for Amber when she found a new house to rent and had the support of the landlord who was a teen mom herself.

Farrah has always dreamed of opening her own restaurant, but her schoolwork may prevent her from reaching her goals. Farrah put off her final project for culinary school until the last minute, and her teachers did not review her work well. While critics some attacked her layout, another went for the jugular and insulted her attitude. If she didn’t pass the assignment, she won’t graduate from culinary school. While she has the support  and assurance from her family, Farrah won’t know if she graduated until she gets her final grades.

Maci learned how hard it is to co-parent with her ex when the holidays roll around. On Bentley’s second birthday, Maci planned to take him to the aquarium with her boyfriend Kyle. Ryan called to ask if he could see him, but refused when he learned Maci had plans with Kyle. The two planned a joint birthday party for Bentley on Halloween, which fell on Ryan’s day to watch him. Maci asked if she could take him for two hours afterwards for trick-or-treating, but Ryan refused because he didn’t get to see him on his birthday. At the party, Ryan and his family sulked the entire time and eventually Ryan yelled at Maci when she decided to take Bentley against Ryan’s wishes. After venting to his dad, his family encouraged him to take her to court so they could set up more stringent custody rules.

This week’s episode was sad to watch because the girls are truly struggling to transition into adulthood after being teen moms. Amber is trapped in an unhealthy relationship and is being harassed by her community, which is only worsening her depression and anger issues. The worst part is that Leah is suffering which was really apparent when she didn’t get to go trick-or-treating with either of her parents on Halloween because they couldn’t get along.

It was also hard to watch Maci’s struggles with Ryan. They forced themselves to put on a fake smile for the group photo at Bentley’s party, but there was no denying the tension between the families. Until Maci and Ryan learn how to compromise, the only person who is hurt by their arguments is Bentley who will soon be affected by his parent’s battles. Although I do commend Maci for immediately soothing Bentley after her fight with Ryan and promising him that everything was alright.

Tell us what you thought about Tuesday’s episode! Do you empathize with the struggles of the teen moms or do you think are paying the consequences for being unplanned young parents?

Nicole Fukuoka

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