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Jaycee Dugard's Captors Caught On Camera Abusing 20 OTHER Young Girls!

Wed, August 3, 2011 10:12am EDT by 1 Comment

The Garridos made a string of chilling tapes showing them luring young girls into a van and forcing them to stretch and do the splits. So disturbing.

Nancy Garrido admitted to authorities that she made up to 20 videos to satisfy her husband Phillip‘s sick sexual desires, before AND after Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped in 1991!

Excerpts of the tapes have been released by the El Dorado, California District Attorney, along with a 162-page report that highlights how the authorities failed Jaycee and the Garridos’ other victims by not stopping them sooner.

In one tape, dated 1993, Nancy Garrido is shown leading a young girl into a van and asking her to do the splits. She is heard encouraging the girl, saying, “That’s it. Can you go all the way down? Let me see, I bet you can go down really easy.”

The dossier of information also shows how Phillip Garrido was allowed to harass Katie Calloway-Hall, who he’d been jailed for raping in 1976, and then go on to capture Jaycee Dugard and keep her hostage in his home for EIGHTEEN years, despite repeated visits to the house by parole officers.

The Garridos were eventually caught and are now serving a combined 467 years in prison for their crimes — but District Attorney Vern Pierson is deeply ashamed of the way they were able to evade law enforcement for so long.

He writes in his report, ‘The criminal justice system failed Jaycee Lee Dugard, it failed Katie Callaway-Hall, and assuredly failed many of the other countless unknown victims of Phillip Garrido. The failure and inadequacies of the psychiatric profession were highlighted by Phillip Garrido and his manipulation of them to his advantage.”

Let’s hope this is NEVER able to happen again.

— Ian Garland

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