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Meet The 'SMOGs': Moms Who Think Girls Rule And Boys Drool!

Tue, August 2, 2011 12:16pm EDT by Add first Comment

A ‘SMOG’ is a ‘Smug Mother Of Girls’: She cringes at the prospect of having sons — it’s all about her daughters!

Internet bloggers have reported a rise in the number of mothers who only want girls aka SMOGs (Smug Mother of Girls). Forget bugs, dirt and sports — these moms want NOTHING to do with boys! Are YOU a SMOG?

According to the Daily Mail, even fertility doctors are saying that they see more and more women who are truly concerned about the sex of their baby. And most of the time, it’s those expectant mothers who are dying for a baby girl. Some women even get implanted with a specific embryo to ensure the sex of their child! Wow, that’s a bit overboard, don’t you think?

A blogger on writes, “I know too many mothers of girls (or SMOGs) who truly believe that boys are unpleasant, noisy, smelly creatures who just take the look off the place and generally get in the way.”

But some mommy bloggers are getting angry — so they’ve come up with a new nickname to battle the SMOGs!

“I think it’s time to wheel out another abbreviation, DMOB – ‘defensive moms of boys’ – for the moms who just know that in any given crowd of children it may well be a boy, possibly her boy, who appears to be causing the riot,” another blogger wrote.

Wow, what side are you on, HollyMoms?

–Leigh Blickley

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