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'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum Plan To Get Married Next Fall!

Tue, August 2, 2011 10:31am EDT by 12 Comments

Ashley and J.P. have talked wedding plans, but for now want they to get their lives on track. ‘She’s going to move up to New York, we’ll find a place, get settled, she’ll get a job,’ J.P. explained!

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum have been secretly engaged for almost three months, but during the Aug. 1 season finale they revealed their exciting news to the world. Now, the happy couple are planning their future together and even talking about wedding dates! Ashley confessed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Aug. 1 that they are hoping to get married sometime next fall!

“We really just want to focus on our engagement, but I’m thinking the end of next year, in the fall,” Ashley tells Jimmy.  “She’s got to finish school. She’s going to move up to New York, we’ll find a place, get settled, she’ll get a job,” adds J.P.

Right now, Ashley and J.P. are just content to enjoy their relationship after having been separated for the past two months.

The first few days of their engagement were wonderful. “We were in a very private house on a private island so it was very romantic for a few days,” Ashley gushes. “I think we were there for four nights. No one had any idea.”

But as soon as they returned to the U.S., they had to keep their relationship private even though they were able to see each other occasionally. “Every two weeks, it’s chaperoned to some extent,” shared J.P. “We get to see each other and we lived on Skype. I don’t watch any TV anymore. Gym, home, three hours of Skype, sleep.”

And even though they tried their hardest to keep their engagement mum, J.P. slipped up a few times.

“[There were] inadvertent text messages meant for her, sent to someone else,” J.P. confessed. “Some of my friends [got] ‘I love you baby.’ They are like what does this mean? At that point, it was pretty recent. How do you explain it? There’s no one I would talk to that way except other than her.”

Still there were some hard times that they had to face together over the past three months like watching the show air on TV. “We can kind of laugh about it now,” Ashley admitted. “When I would watch episodes, I would tell him, I think this is going to bother you. And he [he would] watches it and find 20 other things that bother him.”

But apparently, J.P. didn’t watch the part where Ashley made out with runner up Ben Flajnik on a bed the night before she and J.P. got engaged — until Jimmy played him a clip. “I actually hadn’t seen that till just now, so thanks!” J.P. said. “I watched the finale, but just our parts together.”

BFFs — do you think it’s good that J.P. and Ashley are waiting over a year to get married next fall?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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