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'Basketball Wives' Recap: Royce Strikes Up A Relationship With Eric Behind Jennifer's Back

Mon, August 1, 2011 10:47pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

The ladies deal with the repercussions of their trip to Rome and Royce stirs up some drama of her own!

The episode begins with Tami and Royce meeting up to discuss what happened in Rome. When Royce hears about the fight between Tami and Meeka she describes Tami by saying, “You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl.” They don’t think they’ll ever see Meeka again, and if this episode is any indication, they’re right. She didn’t appear once.

Jennifer meets with Al Reynolds (of marrying-StarJones fame) for mimosas to discuss their experiences with divorce. Al decides he’s going to find the right gentleman for Jennifer to go on a date with.

Royce meets with Jennifer’s ex, Eric, to discuss the same [porn] movie he pitched to Suzie a few weeks ago. Royce knows that she’ll come under fire from Jennifer for talking to Eric behind her back but it’s just BUSINESS and her CAREER and your friends have to be understanding when it comes to BUSINESS and CAREERS. It is decided that Royce will discuss it with her manager and get back to Eric. No one understands why Royce has a manager.

Royce and Suzie go to the pet store to buy things for Suzie’s new dog. What about Royce’s dog that she got a few weeks ago? How did that work out? No one knows. Suzie stands firm that the deal seems shady to her but Royce tells her it’s not like that because they have CAREERS to worry about and it’s just BUSINESS. While they have this conversation, they stand in front of a rack of dog leashes stroking them but exerting too much effort focusing on the conversation to multi-task and pick out a leash at the same time. It comes to light that Royce is an actress. That’s her CAREER and that’s just “who she is.” You didn’t know that?! What do you mean you didn’t know that Royce did theatre when she was five?? It’s who she is, people!!! It is decided that Royce will talk to Jennifer to clear up the misunderstanding and explain that it’s simply about BUSINESS and nothing else.

No sooner has Suzie left Royce then she is at Jennifer’s side telling her exactly what Royce just said. Jennifer is enraged that Royce would take a meeting with Eric without talking to her first. Suzie can’t wait to swoop in with her signature line: “You guys need to talk.” The thing is Suzie, they were going to. If you recall, Royce said she was going to talk to Jennifer, you just got to her first.

Evelyn’s daughter, Shaniece, is graduating high school today and Evelyn very nonchalantly reveals that she’s going to school in California. All that time we’ve dedicated to watch her agonize over which coast to pick and that’s how we find out?! That was the most interesting plot line of the whole season! Jennifer sent Shaniece flowers because “she’s very good with birthdays and special occasions.” So thoughtful, that Jennifer.

Chad has a tradition of doing “two amazing things” for Jennifer each month. Two whole things! Isn’t that romantic? Today it involves driving her to a secret location on a rainy day while he smokes a smelly cigar with all the windows rolled up. “Are we gonna be sitting outside,” she asks him. “Why are you asking so many questions,” he responds. It turns out that he’s planned a romantic dinner on the beach where the couple toasts to “lots of fights and great make-up sex.” Their vows are sure to be a doozy! Evelyn tries to talk to Chad about how hard it is to be in a relationship that so many people are judging and talking about but her qualms fall on deaf ears since Chad is aiming to be the “#1 most hated athlete of all time.” Is that an Olympic category or and ESPY nomination or what…

Jennifer meets Al’s friend, William, who is a “hot little thing.” Before the end of their dinner, she invites him to her divorce party, where she says she intends to get drunk – not on shots, obviously. “And when I get drunk,” she says, “who knows…” They toast to William coming to the party, which is a the surefire sign of a successful date.

Tami and Jennifer meet to discuss the new drama with Royce. We’re back to “Girlfriend 101,” which, according to Tami, Royce is not well-versed in. “She may not be well-versed in it, but I’m sure she knows what it’s like to stab someone in the back,” Jennifer says, which makes less and less sense the more you read it.

In the end, Jennifer decides that she wants nothing to do with Royce and leaves Suzie alone at the restaurant to relay the message.

Next week, the season finale, promises cheating allegations against Chad and a final (wet) confrontation between Jennifer and Eric.

–Scott Galina

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