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Introducing Cloud B, The Adorable Toys With A Twist — They'll Send Your Babies To Sleep!

Sat, July 30, 2011 11:30am EDT by Add first Comment

If you’re a parent, the chances are you’ve already got a Cloud B toy hiding somewhere in your home. The sleep aids have become a baby sensation & I dare you to find a nursery that doesn’t include either a Sleep Sheep, Gentle Giraffe or Turtle Lamp!

And there’s good reason Cloud B sleep aids are so popular — they’re cheap (around $20 each); they’re cute and they actually work! Kid tested, daddy approved!

That’s right — according to the manufacturer’s claims and scores of positive reviews, Cloud B sleep aids really do help babies stop crying and start snoring; giving withered and worn out parents the brief blissful sound of silence.

The idea of this seemed too good to be true for me, the proud, but exhausted father of an energetic and nocturnal baby boy.

Baby Callum hates bed time. He’s usually having far too much time to contemplate turning in for the night.

So our regular routine involved putting him down at around 7 pm and spending the next hour bouncing in and out of his room attending to him until he finally calms down and gives up the fight.

So I got in touch with Cloud B marketing director Anouk Zisa to find out how a sleep aid could help Callum settle at night.

Anouk explained how the sleep aids work. The aim of all of Cloud B’s products “is to create a bedtime routine.”

Their very cool and quirky turtle & ladybird lights help turn your bedroom into a beautiful starscape (the star patterns replicate real constellations!) and the toys pipe out soothing and peaceful sounds that’ll grab your tot’s attention and send them into a beautiful slumber.

Anouk suggested I try out a Gentle Giraffe, which comes with four different ‘white noises’ – each intended to transition your twitching terror into a slumbering bundle.

The first time I tried out the Giraffe, was out of desperation. Callum was refusing to settle & my usual trick of strapping him into his stroller and taking him for a walk wasn’t working. So I attached the toy to his carriage (it fits on cribs, carriages, ankles etc), put it on the sleep setting and cranked up the volume.

I won’t lie to you, he fell asleep within seconds. The soothing noise, a mix of soft radio interference and crashing waves, even had me yawning. Since that first frantic experiment I’ve adapted a more methodical approach, taking Callum through the full spectrum of calming, relaxing sleep-inducing sounds at bedtime, and the sleep aid has become part of our daily routine.

I think he’s figured out the innocent looking toy in the corner of his crib is responsible for cutting short his evening’s activities — occasionally I’ll catch him grappling with it. I can’t decide if he just wants to cuddle it, or rip out the batteries and prolong his nocturnal escapades.

Either way, the Gentle Giraffe is here to stay.

Click here to check out the full range of Cloud B sleep aids!

— Ian Garland


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