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If A Guy Goes Out Of His Way To See You Like Justin Bieber Did Selena Gomez, Is It Love Or Is He Scary Obsessed?

Fri, July 29, 2011 11:30am EDT by 11 Comments

The Biebster couldn’t bear to be away from his lady for even a week! Is this true love?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem have been joined at the hip lately, and it’s a rare thing to see one without the other. So it was surprising to think that the 17-year-old star would miss the first night of his girlfriend’s tour. He didn’t, of course. JB was present and accounted for when he flew to Boca Raton, Flor. yesterday. But is Justin’s desire to be by Selena’s side love or obsession? The Biebster actually tweeted that he was in Canada in order to surprise his girl, so that she wouldn’t suspect he was flying to see her. However, several fans spotted the two out and about looking lovey dovey in the south of Florida, where the 19-year-old starlet kicked off her We Own the Night tour at the Mizner Park Amphitheater.

But such dedication might be misconstrued as as an infatuation. Is that how Justin Bieber feels — and if a guy is traveling far out of his way to see you, is what he feels real?

Obsession and love is a fine line, but I always differentiate it this way: love, for the most part, makes you feel happy. Being around the other person betters you. Infatuation or obsession, on the other hand, makes you feel anxious. You crave the other person, but don’t understand why. Their looks or their body or your sexual relationship is more of a motivation than who your boyfriend/girlfriend actually is.

Certain actions can be construed as obsessive, but I don’t believe Justin flying to see his girl on her big night is one of them. It’s sweet, not scary.

Just make sure your guy isn’t putting you on a pedestal. If he does, and sees you in a bright, shining light with a halo over your head, he’s not in love with the real you, but the idea of you — and you might want to nip that particular relationship in the bud.


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